Score Reporting Instructions

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Please remember that the pitch counts are in effect for the 2016 season as per the 2016 Little League rule book. Pitching Affidavits must be carried and completed at every game. Winning team will be required to report final score and pitch counts for BOTH teams. Make sure to confirm pitch counts and scores before leaving the field.

1.  Click on the schedule tab (on the left)

2.  Select your division

3.  Select your team

4.  Click Report Scores tab (last tab on the right)

5.  Select beginning date (should be game date)

6.  Select ending date (should be same as game date)

7.  Enter score reporting password ( its your division i.e. int, majors, minors all lowercase)

8.  Select report scores / pitchers

9.  Change game status to complete

10.  Enter scores

11.  Enter pitches thrown (If pitcher was removed after threshold was met, enter threshold amount, not actual count)

12.  Hit submit.