St. Sabina Sports Association By-Laws

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St. Sabina Sports Association ByLaws


   A. The name of this organization shall be: The St. Sabina Parish Sports Association.


ARTICLE II - Purpose

   A. The general aim of the St. Sabina Parish Sports Association is to help a girl or boy become an ideal youth, firmly to God, church, country and community and physically fit, mentally alert and morally sound under the guidance of adult leadership who themselves are so formed and committed.  Athletics, properly regulated, play a very important role in the development of youth.  The constitution of the St. Sabina Parish Sports Association is a sincere effort to promote good sportsmanship, respect for the rules and authority and self-discipline among contestants and the leaders.  With the help of God, may it serve as a medium for Catholic information.  We ask the blessing of God on this phase of our parish life at St. Sabina.


ARTICLE III - Membership

   A. All members of the St. Sabina Parish family are members of this organization and eligible to participate as per the operations of the By-Laws.


ARTICLE IV - Executive Board Officers

   A. The Executive Board shall be comprised of: a Chairman. Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, CYC Representative, Uniform/Equipment Coordinator and Concessions Coordinator.

   B. Officers will be elected to a two-year term.


ARTICLE V - Election of Officers

   A. Election of Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Concessions Coordinator shall be held in EVEN years.

   Election of Chairman, Secretary, CYC Representative and Uniform/Equipment Coordinator shall be held in ODD years.

   B. Elections shall be held at a regularly scheduled January meeting by secretary ballot.  any parish member attending is eligible to vote and/or be nominated.

   C. Nominations shall be made from the floor.


ARTICLE VI - Officers

   A. Chairman - The Chairman shall oversee all activities of the organization and shall be responsible for ensuring that all activities adhere to these By-Laws.  They appoint individuals to committees as necessary to assist in the functions of the organization as he/she deems appropriate.

   B. Vice Chairman - The Vice Chairman shall aid and assist the Chairman in whatever capacity deemed necessary by the Chairman.  The Vice Chairman shall assume the responsibilities and duties of the Chairman during his absence, inability or refusal to perform the duties of his office per Article VII.  The Vice Chairman shall oversee and organize activities as approved by the Executive Board.

   C. Secretary - The Secretary shall record and submit to the Executive Board minutes of all General and Board meetings.  The Secretary shall be responsible for submitting all organization correspondence to the Board for approval and signatures.  The Secretary shall submit and post correspondence, minutes, notices, etc. to the parish bulletin as required.

   D. Treasurer - The Treasurer shall deposit and disburse monies of the organization at the direction of the Executive Board, and in compliance with the By-Laws.  The Treasurer shall submit monthly reports to the Executive Board at the regular board meeting and to the general membership at the quarterly meetings.

   E. CYC Representative - The CYC Representative shall act as liaison between the St. Sabina Sports Association and the Local CYC District.  the Representative shall attend all CYC meetings and functions and report the subsequent activities to the Executive Board and general membership.  The Representative shall act as the spokesperson for this organization as directed by the Executive Board.

   F. Uniform/Equipment Coordinator - The Uniform/Equipment Coordinator shall inventory, organize, disburse and collect all St. Sabina uniforms and equipment.  This Coordinator shall, with the help of the managers and coordinators of the sports in season, outfit all St. Sabina sports teams.  This Coordinator shall likewise inventory, inspect and recommend to the Executive Board expenditures necessary to upgrade defective or insufficient uniforms and/or equipment.

   G. Concessions Coordinator - The Concessions Coordinator shall organize and cooperate with the Vincent Association the use of the concession stand.  These responsibilities include ordering product through Vincent Association, setting prices and menu, scheduling workers and/or supervisors, depositing proceeds with the Sports Treasurer, approving all deliveries and expenditures, generating participation forms and providing updated participation list.


ARTICLE VII - Officer Succession

   A. Should any officer (with the exception of the Chairman) be unable or unwilling to fulfill the duties of their office, the vacant position shall be filled by appointment of the remaining Executive Board.

   B. Should the Chairman be unable or unwilling to fulfill the duties of the office, the position will be filled by the Vice Chairman.  The Vice Chairman position is to be filled is Article VII A.



   A. General Meetings - The St. Sabina Parish Sports Association shall hold a minimum of four (4) meetings annually.  These meetings shall be held in the months of January, April, July and October, on a date set by the Executive Board.  The general meetings are open to all adult members of the St. Sabina parish family.  Managers are required to attend at least those general meetings which take place during their coaching season,  i.e, January - Basketball, April - Baseball/Softball, July - Baseball/Softball/Soccer/Volleyball, October - Soccer/Volleyball.

   B. Executive Board Meetings - Executive Board meetings shall be held monthly with the date at the discretion of the Chairman.  these meetings are to be announced to the membership in the parish bulletin.  these meetings are open to the general membership except at which time the Executive Board deems it necessary to convene in private session to protect individuals.


ARTICLE IX - Sports Coordinators

   A. A Clinic and CYC Coordinator for each sport in the program shall be appointed by the Executive Board.  If necessary, the Coordinator may resign or be replaced by the Executive Board.  All decisions regarding teams, managers, etc. will be made by the Coordinator of the sport in question.  These decisions may be appealed to the Executive Board if promptly submitted in writing.

   B. ****If tryouts are necessary, the Coordinator of the sport will not participate if he or she has a child being evaluated for the sport.  In the case, the board will appoint someone to assume the duties of the Coordinator during the tryout.

   C. ****the Coordinator of the sport will be responsible for generating registration forms for that sport.


ARTICLE X - Teams, Managers and Coaches

   A. Selection of managers shall be the responsibility of the Coordinator.  Coaches will be selected by the managers with the fists consideration given to any interested parents of the players.  The "A" team manager shall be chosen after the "A" team has been selected.  interested parents shall be given first consideration.

   B. Clinic teams shall be compiled by the Clinic Coordinators.  ****Teams will be organized by grade unless numbers dictate otherwise.  Players should be moved to various positions on the playing field to allow for growth.

   C. *****Upon entering fifth grade competition, all teams shall be divided according to ability into an "A" team and as many "B" teams as numbers allow.  This shall be accomplished by several (no less than 2) session of tryouts so that all prospective individuals are given an equal opportunity to display their abilities.  ****Tryouts will be organized by the Coordinator of the Sport.  ****Tryout schedule will be posted during normal three week registration period for the sport involved.  The Coordinator shall organize a panel of knowledgeable individuals to assist in the assessment of the players' talent.  teams shall be determined by the combined input of the Coordinator ****(unless IX.B applies), panel and ****with written and/or verbal input of prior managers.  This same group will determine "B" teams if numbers dictate more than one.

   D. ****Tryouts per Article X.C. shall be used in a year where enough players warrant two teams following a year of only one team.  in addition to the aforementioned situations, supplemental tryouts can be used at the Coordinators discretion in any year to alleviate personnel or number problems on two teams.

   E. Any accepted late registrations in the same year in which tryouts have occurred for that sport, will not be assigned to the "A" team.  in subsequent years, any number of participants, ****upon written request to the Coordinator through normal registration period will be granted a tryout with the "A" team.  The "A" team manager will have the option of accepting as many tryout players as desired unless the tryout players involved specifically request to play on another team.  Should any of the aforementioned situations result in uneven team numbers, the Coordinator of the sport and the managers involved shall be responsible for the player movement necessary to equal numbers.  The final decision will be made by the Coordinator.

   F. All players on each of the teams at St. Sabina will play at least 25% of each game they attend, provided the player has attended practices, team meetings and not being disciplined for any reason.  **this includes Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball and Baseball.  this is consistent with Florissant CYC****rules.  This shall apply to all practice, league and tournament games played as a representative of St. Sabina, even if the entrance fee was not paid by the St. Sabina Sports Program.

   G.*****Roster sizes should be limited to the following: CYC Teams closed: Baseball - 12, Softball - 13, Soccer - 14, Volleyball - 9, Basketball - 8.  CYC Teams open: Baseball - 14, Softball - 16, Soccer - 18, Volleyball - 11, Basketball - 10.  Clinic Program: Baseball - 11, Softball - 12, Soccer - 13, Volleyball - 8, Basketball - 8.  If these roster sizes are achieved during the normal three week registration period, late registrations will be placed on a waiting list to determine whether numbers will allow more teams.  Coordinator of the sport has the last input.


ARTICLE XI - Registration

   A. Separate registration will be held for each sport ******via the St Sabina Sports Association’s Web-Site for a minimum of 30 days.  (Duration dates to be chosen by current sport’s coordinator). During said registration period, one (1) “in-person” registration date shall be held (date and time to be chosen by current sport’s coordinator). Appropriate fees and a completed registration form with a parent’s signature are required to be considered registered.  All registration forms must be completed in full, including the player's Florissant resident number if applicable.  Registrations after the ******on-line 30 day scheduled period can be taken only by the Coordinator of the sport, and may be assessed a late fee****as determined by the executive board.  The eligibility of players, managers and coaches shall be regulated by the requirements of the Executive Board, the CYC and these By-Laws.  The fees and uniform assessments, if any, will be decided by the Executive Board.


ARTICLE XII - Uniforms

   A. A uniform will be provided for each player.  The player and his/her parents are responsible for returning that uniform to the manager at the end of the season or paying to replace it.



   A. Any officer, coordinator, manager, coach or player may be disciplined, suspended or removed by majority vote of the Executive Board for action contrary to CYC rules and/or the By-Laws of this organization.  Parents are also expected to follow the rules of the CYC and these By-Laws, as well as demonstrate good sportsmanship and a Christian attitude.  Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action with the last resort being their child's removal from a St. Sabina sports team.


ARTICLE XIV - By-Law Changes

   A. Any amendment to these By-Laws must be completed in the following procedure:

   i) Proposed By-Law changes will be submitted, in writing, to the Executive Board Secretary (or alternate, the secretary's absence) at a General Sports Association meeting.  Verbal changes will not be accepted.  The Secretary (or alternate) shall read this proposed change aloud to the membership at this time.  No discussion is permitted at the first reading.

   ii) The proposed change will be made public, in writing, following this meeting.  the proposed change, together with the existing By-Laws shall be posted in a conspicuous place.

   iii) The Executive Board Secretary (or alternate) shall read the proposed change a second time at the next General Sports Association meeting.  At this time, discussion and any subsequent amendments may be entertained by the Chairman from the membership.  Such amendments must be voted on and accepted or rejected at this time.  Approval by a simple majority is required for acceptance.

   iv) The proposed change will be read for the third time and voted upon for final acceptance at the next General Sports meeting.  Approval by  a simple majority is required for acceptance.

   v) Upon approval by a two-thirds majority vote of those in attendance at the second reading, the third reading and final vote may also be taken at the same meeting.  Approval by a simple majority is required for acceptance.


ARTICLE XV - By-Laws and Omissions

   A. The Executive Board, as a whole, has the responsibility to insure that the By-Laws of this organization are upheld.

   B. Items that are not covered by these By-Laws shall be left to the discretion and judgment of the Executive Board, whose decisions are final.


** Article X, Section F, amended by vote at General Meeting held April 27, 1993


*** Article X, Section C, Paragraph 2

      Article X, section F, amended by vote at General Meeting held on October 19, 1993


**** Article VI, Section D

       Article VI, Section G

      Article IX, Section B

      Article IX, Section C

      Article X, Section C, Paragraph 2

      Article X, Section C. Paragraph 3

      Article X, Section D

      Article X, Section E, Paragraph 1

      Article X, Section F

      Article X, Section G

      Article XI, Section A, amended by a vote at General Meeting held on June 16, 1998


***** Article X, Section A, amended by vote at General Meeting held on October 15, 2002


******Article XI, Section A, amended by vote at General Meeting held on April 19, 2016





Rev. 4/29/93

Rev. 3/01/94

Rev. 3/20/02

Rev. 10/15/02

Rev. 4/19/16