The St. Sabina Sports Association promotes organized athletics with the aim of teaching a Christian attitude, good sportsmanship, respect for the rules and authority and self-discipline among contestants as well as leaders.  The executive committee meets monthly and general meetings take place quarterly.  All St. Sabina Parish members and residents are invited.  Contact the Chairman of Sports for more information on joining a sports activity or volunteering your time and talents.

Soccer, Volleyball and Golf signups

Please go to our SI Play site for registration

Concession Duty List

Date / Time Player Name Team
May 5 / 10-2 Meriwether, Erin Softball 3rd
May 5 / 10-2 Skouby, Hadley Softball 3rd
May 12 / 10-2 Berchtold, Family Baseball 2nd
May 12 / 10-2 Frame, Austin Baseball 2nd
May 13 / 12-4 Fox, Addison Softball 3rd
May 13 / 12-4 Gramlich, Ethan Softball 3rd
May 19 / 10-2 Keim, Julie Softball 3rd
May 19 / 10-2 Harton, Hunter Baseball 2nd
May 20 / 12-4 Hamm, Kylie Softball 3rd
May 20 / 12-4 Jackson, Aubrey Baseball 2nd
June 2 / 10-2 Moore, Abigail Softball 3rd
June 2 / 10-2 Ochoa, Issiah Baseball 2nd
June 3 / 12-4 Plue, Evan Baseball 2nd
June 3 / 12-4 Kinworthy, Mikey Baseball 2nd
June 9 / 10-2 Parker, Addison Softball 3rd
June 9 / 10-2 Schaper, Ava Softball 3rd
June 10 / 12-4 Steiger, Donald Baseball 2nd
June 10 / 12-4 Seddens, Tailyn Softball 3rd
June 16 / 10-2 Wallace, Elijah Baseball 2nd
June 16 / 10-2 Perrone, Michael Baseball 2nd
June 17 / 12-4 Ziegler, Isabella Softball 3rd
June 17 / 12-4 Sanders, Family  
June 23 / 10-2 McFail, Riley Softball 3rd
June 23 / 10-2 Roberts, Brenden Baseball 2nd

Coach of the Year Award

This year we would like to once again honor a coach who we feel exemplifies the values of the St. Sabina Sports Association.  If you feel that your child's coach is deserving of this award, please take a moment to complete the nomination form and tell us why.






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Important Information To Remember At St. Sabina Sports

1) There is an online version of the Code Of Ethics (required to be read, signed and submitted to Sister Joan Galli in order to coach).  Go to "Download Forms" under the Main Menu for more information.

2) To print out a Missouri Background Check form, go to "Download Forms" under the Main Menu.  Sabina Sports will pay the fee.  Please submit your form, along with a copy of your Social Security card to Sr. Joan Galli.  Please mark envelope on the front with the words "Sports To Pay."

3) All sports correspondence sent to the rectory must have "SPORTS" clearly marked on the envelope.  Money sent to the rectory without sports marked on the envelope will be added to the Sunday contributions.  We appreciate your help in this matter.

4) Please use common sense when using the St. Sabina Athletic Fields.  Do not play on wet or damaged areas and take the time to clean up after your practice.

5) There is a direct link to the CYC ID Card site in the Main Menu.

6) For more, check out Coaches Corner under the Main Menu.