Vacaville Bobby Sox Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct Agreement

All parents and guardians are asked at the time of registration to sign and agree to this code. To view a copy of the Parent Code of Conduct Agreement please click the following link here. 

Vacaville Bobby Sox Local Registration Rules



Managers will be allowed to buddy with one other coaching staff member (coach, assistant coach, or chaperone). All requests have to be reviewed and approved by the board. No stacking of teams will be allowed i.e. both players are experienced starting pitchers.



A player can request a buddy at the time of registration, if that player is an experienced player and requests to buddy with a non-experienced player (never played Bobby Sox before) or vice-versa. Requests should be mutual and will be reviewed and approved by the board. This does not apply to 6U Mini Sox and most mutual buddy requests will be reviewed and honored by the Mini Sox Director. 

2020 Vacaville Bobby Sox Refund Policy


Requests for refunds will be accepted until February 28, 2020. Refunds are provided minus a $25 administrative fee in addition to the uniform cost of $50. Requests should be sent, in writing, to Managers will be allowed to buddy with Refunds will be issued via check only, regardless of method of payment.


No requests for refunds will be accepted after February 29. Player can withdraw from the league without a refund. 

2020 Official Bobby Sox Playing Rules

To view a copy of the Official Bobby Sox Playing Rules please click the following link here.


2020 Vacaville Bobby Sox Local Rules 

To view a copy of the Vacaville Bobby Sox Local Rules please click the following link here. 

The Bobby Sox Adult Leader Motto

At all times we will maintain our composure and fully represent our League and our team with true Sportsmanship, Friendship, Citizenship, and Leadership, dedicating our time with the girls to a healthy, fair competition with all of the teams in our League or with all of the teams in any Tournament. We will strive to make this game and this season’s experience, enjoyable, rewarding and memorable for all the girls.


Any managing personnel ejected from the game by a director/board member/umpire will be removed from the team and will be restrained from future game attendance.


The Team Staff needs to work together in controlling emotional behavior which can only harm the girls and their effort as a team.


PENALTY Regular Season:  

 A minimum of 3 game suspension unless the violation requires removal from future participation, by a Board vote. Second suspension - Immediate removal from future participation in the League.

Important! The following equipment rules will be enforced during the season:


  • All bats shall be clearly marked "OFFICIAL SOFTBALL" by the manufacturer.
  • The bat shall be no more than 34 inches in length.
  • Titanium bats are considered illegal.
  • Batting Sleeves are legal for warming up in the "pitching circle".
  • Bat "donuts" or "rings" are considered illegal.


  • Only helmets which are stamped with "NOCSAE" shall be allowed.
  • All batting helmets will have a face guard and safety chinstrap attached.


  • The pitcher's glove may NOT be gray, white or yellow.

Snack Bar Policy

Teams’ snack bar shifts are now during their games in which they are a visitor.

For all games at Nelson Park, the visiting team must provide a responsible volunteer at least 16 years of age to assist in the Snack Bar 20 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR GAME, for the duration of your game, and 15 minutes after the game to change shifts, or to clean up and close. Games cannot begin until the visiting team’s volunteer has reported to the snack bar. If a visiting team fails to send a volunteer to the Snack Bar for the shift and to stay to clean up and close the snack bar properly, the game will be considered a forfeit.

NO dogs allowed!!



Please take notice! Dogs are not allowed at any Bobby Sox function. That includes all practices and games in all fields. The only exception is for service dogs. Mixing dogs with little kids is just asking for trouble and if we can avoid kids being bitten we can keep our insurance & player costs low. Board members will be enforcing this policy this year. We don't want parents to miss their kids’ games and we don't want dogs locked in cars in the parking lot either. Thank you for your support.