Scholar Athletes

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Valley Cottage Indians Scholar Athlete - Requirements 
These Children will be recognized at their Annual Awards Ceremony as VCI's Scholar Athletes.
The requirements are as follows: 

   Only those participants with a 90 percent or above from the previous academic school year are eligible. 

   Scholar athletes scoring is based on a candidate’s report card from the previous year: 
     1.    Been in the VCI program for 2 or more years 
        2.    Have a grade point average equal to or better than the following: 
                               Number Grade I:        90 or better (or equivalent numbering scheme that 
                                       equates to a 90 or better or B+ or better)
                     Letter Grade I:        <f,d,c,b, A>            B+ or better 
                     Letter Grade II:     <s, P, F, G, VG, E>      VG or better 
        3.    Subject Area(s): 
               3.1 Language Arts (English, Foreign Languages, Reading, Writing, Grammar, etc.) 
               3.2 Math (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, General Math, etc.) 
               3.3 Social Sciences (Social Studies, Civics, History, Geography, etc.) 
               3.4 Sciences (General Science, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, etc.) 
               3.5 Humanities (Art, Music, Religion, Industrial Arts, Vocations Science, etc.)