The Green Valley High School Coaching Staff would like to take a moment to stress the importance of the education our players will received with attending GVHS.  We feel that the education that our players will receive is important to the development of our players' futures.  We work to build relationships on and off the field and to give our players life lessons that can be used long after their playing days are over.

Our coaching staff here at GVHS has a strict policy of every player earning at least a 2.0 GPA for the fall semester in order to try out for the program.  During the fall semester of weight training, a study hall has been created in order to help our players achieve their goals.  Our coaching staff also uses their collective collegiate experience to help our seniors work toward advancing onto the next level.

Green Valley High School and its coaching staff have a Commitment to Excellence.  Newsweek Magazine has academically ranked our high school 554 out of 38,000 nationally high achieving schools.  Our athletics program has also been recognized by Sports Illustrated as #1 in the State of Nevada.

Our coaching staff puts in a lot of hours on the baseball field to create the best baseball program and teams in the State of Nevada.  We embrace the challenge of creating great relationships both on and off the field.  Please join in helping create a great atmosphere of hard work on the field and in the classroom.  We would like to welcome you to the "Gator Family" here at Green Valley High School.


Green Valley High School (GVHS) opened in the fall of 1991.  That summer, GVHS fielded their first American Legion baseball team, guided by legendary coach, Rodger Fairless.  The Gators were young and it showed on the field.  But, they also wanted to learn and play the game the right way.

After a tough first summer, the Gators opened up the new school in fine fashion.  They finished their first year of high school baseball in 2nd place in the Sunset Division (now known as Sunrise SE) and qualified for the playoffs.  The first-ever new school to do so in the history of Nevada high school sports.  Little did anyone know, that was the start of something huge.

The next year, Head Coach Rodger Fairless, guided this young, hungry and talented team to their 1st State title, the fastest any school has won a State title.  Most teams would be satisfied with one State title.  Not the hard working, motivated and driven Gators.  Under Coach Fairless, the Gators went on an unprecedented roll, winning the next 5 State titles - making it 6 STRAIGHT STATE TITLES - and giving Coach Fairless his 12th State Championship (6 at Valley High School and 6 at GVHS).

Coach Fairless retired from high school coaching at the end of the 1998 season and Nick Garritano was named as his replacement in 1999.  Coach Garritano kept up the program's winning tradition.

Under Coach Garritano, the Gators went 203-78-2, winning the Nevada State Championship in 2001 and in 2003.  Giving the Gators 8 STATE TITLES IN ELEVEN YEARS.  Also under Coach Garritano, the Gators also won 2 Division Championships and 3 Sunrise Region Championships.

Today, the players are grateful for the founding members of Green Valley Baseball and the legacy that was created.  There have been many players that have left their mark on the Green and Blue (see Players in the Pros and Hall of Fame).

Work ethic, pride, desire, determination, loyalty, hustle and team spirit are the staples of GATOR BASEBALL.

Thank you for visiting our website as the Gators focus on KEEPING THE TRADITIONS ALIVE.


It is the intent of the Gator Baseball program to build and maintain a premiere on-line community for families, players, coaches, scouts and prospective athletes seeking to join this program.  It is our hope that we will be able to find volunteers to help in the areas listed below.


We are seeking volunteer photographer(s) to take action photos for the Junior Varsity baseball team.  Photos must be provided in a jpeg format and either by disk or via e-mail.  These photos will be used for on-line media guides, photo galleries and more.


We are seeking a volunteer to donate their time to put together various articles and information about players during the season.  In particular, we would like to find a parent, or avid Gator Baseball fan, to provide recaps on each game.


As part of our goal to create an on-line community, we realize the importance of collection and archiving data from previous seasons.  We would like to put together web pages and content covering the History of the Program, the Alumni, and even something as simple as media information.  This job will require some research and interaction with the coaching staff, but will not require daily or weekly updates.

Sound like fun?  Then you are just the kind of person residing on the borderline of "crazy" that we are looking for.  Be sure to complete our Contact Us form and a representative will be in touch.