7v7 Passing League

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Attention 7v7 teams!!!

Each player is required to wear a protective helmet. Please click on the link below to order your players helmet today. Each helmet has their chapter logo, comes with a free cleat bag and free mouthpiece. Orders need to be placed no later than March 12th to ensure it is shipped in time for first game. 



Welcome to JAAFSC 7-on-7 Passing League Season

Team Fees:

Each chapter is required to pay $400.00 per team by deadline to participate in passing league

Team/Age Requirements

1.     Each chapter shall be allowed to field the minimum or maximum number of players  necessary for each team to function throughout the 7 on 7 season.

2.     Players playing age will be as of July 31st of the current 2018 season... with exception being Midget Division - as any player who participated in the fall season in 2017 is still eligible for the 2018 7 on 7 season, provided a copy of the 2017 Midget Red Roster is presented for verification.

3.     Divisions will be as follows:

a.      Jr Micro 7-8 year old

b.     Micro 8-10 year old

c.      Jr Pee Wee 9-12 year old

d.     Pee Wee 10-13 year old

e.      Midget 11-14 year old

4.     There is no weight limit for each division

5.     Players may be added until the 5th week of the season (including Easter Weekend) is completed. Players can be removed from Rosters at any time. Players cannot play on two or more teams, and must be rostered to only one team.

6.     Waivers will NOT be issued or granted for players to play outside their chapter boundaries. Such players must return to their home chapter for the 2018 fall season or acquire waivers per Conference rule.


1.     Practice for teams may begin March 1st of current 2018 year.

2.     Deadline to register teams including payment per team is March 17th. If payment and paperwork is not received team will not be scheduled for games.

       3.     Games will begin March 24th with season ending on May 19th


Please click on links below for required team paperwork: