This is a good organization.  I have been coaching all levels from t-ball to semi-pro since 1988. The Bombers’ philosophy and program is the closest to what I have always instilled in my players and coaching staff. I watched my youngest son improve as a catcher by leaps and bounds as a result of being with this organization. And that was only on the fall ball u10 team. Imagine what benefits several seasons will provide.
Ron Rehmann
The Jersey State Bombers has been a pleasant surprise for my son and our family.  The whole staff goes and extra mile for each and every team member.  Practices are very well organized and always make sure the players pay attention to detail in every aspect of the game.  My son has already learned so much in a short amount of time.  I am looking forward to what the future holds with this great program.
Frank Cruice
I can only speak for my family but we are extremely pleased with the coaches and CJ's progress.  I played this game for a long time and what you instill in the boys is playing the right way.  Keep on doing what you are doing.
Dan Gee
Coaches,  I just wanted to say that my wife Kacy and I feel that you are all doing a great job and Russell is learning more now than he ever did in his previous "daddy ball" teams and more importantly he is having fun doing so and is excited to play and work hard to continue to get better.
John Rivers
Al,  I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that we really think your coaching staff is top notch. The first thing Joey said when he got in the car is how great Matt is and how much fun it was pitching with Greg by his side coaching him through the whole game.
John Robertson

Coach Dan,

 Wanted to send a note of thanks for your work with Jake this season.  I do not say this lightly,  it may have be the most enjoyable baseball season Jake has ever had.  What is surprising is that even as competitive as he is, it was not just about the win/loss record.  It was about the game and the development of he and his team.   As a helper for the team, I got to see much more than the parents on the sideline.  What I am most impressed with is how you handled the boys this season.  You became more stern and expectations were higher as the season progressed.  You treated them at first as young boys, then as young men.  I am certain Jake will remember some of your team discussions…and grew as a result.  
If your plans are to remain coaching through the years with the Bombers, I would count myself blessed if Jake is playing for you. 


George Fernandez 

Christian has decided he would like to stay at U12 for the fall. He talked to us about this on and off this past season. He was not sure about moving up to the bigger field. He definitely enjoyed the team and coaches. It was a tough season but the team had some real nice moments. We will touch base with you this fall about spring tryouts. We will probably sign him up for your hitting clinics like he did last winter.  If any are offered in the fall I might look into that. We would like to thank you and your coaches for a positive experience this past season.

Mimi, Luis and Christian Guzman
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