Expectations from Parents & Players


 We, the Jersey State Bombers, want to reach out to parents with this document to help make our organization run smoother and to help get all that we can out of each player’s performance.  Over the past the coaches  have recognized certain things going on that are distracting and stressing to some of the players.  These are things that are keeping them from playing at their best.   We are not pointing our finger at anyone in specific but we feel that we need to have some kind of structure with parent / player relationship during practices and games as well as rules and regulations within our organization.



1.     We feel that each player should not have any communication with their parents at all during pre-game team warm-ups and during game time.   Of course if it is an emergency then it becomes a different story.  If you want to drop off water to your son, hand it to one of the coaches and they will give it to them.   Yes we may have an assistant coach as a parent, however we as coaches are monitoring parent/son relationships with them to make sure it stays professional and un-distracting to the player as it is very difficult for one coach to run the entire operation.  Assistant coaches are not instructing the players mechanically but are basically there to help aid in certain areas.  For example, reminding the players about knowing where to throw the ball before it is hit to them, taking leads, how many outs there are, coaching first base, etc. 


NO PARENTS IN or NEAR the dugout.  In between double headers, you may communicate to give your son lunch or a drink, however keep it extremely short.   Unless you have permission by the coach, all parents must remain 20 feet from the dugout at all times during the games. 


2.     STAY POSITIVE – Please refrain from yelling out bad comments from the stands.  For example: C’MON Make the Play” or  “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” Things like this can be heard on the field by the players and those that are sensitive will let it get to them causing a break down.


Parents are expected to be supportive of their players.  It is the coaches job to correct and help the players during the game.  This usually happens in between innings as there is very little that can be instructed while the player is on the field.  Therefore please leave it to the coach and do not yell out at the players.  Parents need to concentrate on keeping the player’s spirits high.  It helps them play better.



3.     The Bombers Staff will not tolerate flagrant misbehavior at any time.  Players will be removed from the rosters if this occurs multiple times.  The staff will also not tolerate disrespect from parents.  We are adults and expect to be treated as such.  If parents have concerns about certain things that took place in a game, please take at least 24 hours to reflect upon the game and think about what you would like to discuss with your coach and GM, as opposed to losing your temper during or right after a game.  Then if you would, send us an email. Also, remember that word spreads quickly and the things that parents say almost always finds it’s way back to management. 


There may be times that you are not satisfied with coaching decisions, however this is life sometimes.  These kind of things will also happen in high school and college and there is nothing anyone can do about it.



4.  WINNING is NOT EVERYTHING.  Remember your son is here to get better offensively and defensively.  If winning tournaments and games is all you care about then your son may not accomplish the goals that he has in his baseball career.   If for some reason your Bombers team is not winning and that is all you care about and you want to go somewhere else next season and win, go ahead, but we guarantee you will not find a better overall instruction, especially in the offensive category.  



5.     Payments will now be due by the middle of the first month of the season unless another arrangement has been made between a parent and the general manager.  For example, Fall Baseball payments are due in full by September 15th and Spring / Summer Baseball payments are due in full by April 15th.  Failure to pay on time may result in no playing time. 



6.     Head coaches do everything they can to make sure everyone gets fair playing time.  We do our very best to make sure each player plays at least half of the game in the field.  If you find that your son is playing exactly 50% of the game all the time, then this usually means they have some work ahead of them.   Please do not expect your son to improve significantly just by coming to practice and games.  Practice on their own time is very crucial for improvement.  If they do not go through the reps on their own time then it will probably take a lot longer for them to get to where they want to.   There are team specials on training sessions that get emailed out to parents on a weekly basis during their seasons, keep an eye out for those.  Keep in mind, even most professional athletes out there have private instructors for one on one sessions to help them accomplish goals and perform at their very best.  Our goal is to have everyone play at least 4 of 6 inning games in league play.   This rule does not apply for tournaments.  It is not common but coaches are allowed to bat 9 if they want to in tournament play.



7.     We as coaches are all very qualified and have played or coached baseball for many years.  While every parent may not agree with our positioning and decisions, we ask you to trust our expertise and allow us to do our jobs to the best of our ability by being patient.  We understand that every child is the best in their parents eyes, but we as coaches make unbiased decisions based on skill, confidence, body language, coach-ability and hard work both in practice and games.   


Also please keep in mind that not all players are of the same caliber or pick up instruction and technique as quickly as others and we do request that all parents cheer for every player and the team as a whole and do not put down other parents and players by boasting about your child.  Even though we encourage teamwork and positive reinforcement, the previously stated behavior is frowned upon amongst this organization.



8.     A player on a Bombers team is not allowed to miss any practices or games for any participation on another baseball team.  Also we do not want any of our Bombers pitching on another team at all during our season.    We need to make sure every player shows up ready to compete at 100% every time they play. We can’t have sore arms.  Teammates have been let down in the past and we will not stand for that.










Team Rules for Players


1.     Players are expected to give 100% of their effort at all times.  If we see a player “doggin it”, he may be taken out of the game. 


2.     Players are expected to display good sportsmanship to their teammates and players on the opposing team.  


3.     Players are expected to be at all the practices unless given permission by their coach to be excused. 


4.      Players are only allowed to leave the dugout to go to the bathroom, or 

 retrieve a foul ball.  For any other reason it must be baseball related. 


5.     Hats are to be worn straight forwards at all times, not backwards or to   the side.  This rule is in effect when players are at the complex, practice field or game field.  Failure to do so may result in a game suspension or failure to start a game. Always wear your hat.  Never show up to practice without a hat. 


6.     Players are expected to clean the dugout after each practice or game from water bottles, coolers, and other equipment. 


7.     There is no throwing of equipment at any time.  This may result in an injury and game suspension.   


8.     All players should help with carrying equipment to and from the dugout. 


9.     Remember to do your best to act like a professional and be mindful that you represent the Jersey State Bombers, your family and yourself.   BE RESPECTFUL. 


10. If players use abusive language or gestures they may be ejected from the game depending on the severity.




So far, those are all the rules and regulations we have as an organization at this time.  Things may be added to this in the near future for up and coming seasons.  Please print this document out and keep on file.  Again, we appreciate everything you do as parents and players to help our organization be successful and run smoother.  We thank you in advance and conclude by saying…





Go Bombers!!!










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