"Individual Awards"

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Far too often it is the star athletes get the majority of accolades when it comes to sports. How often does a sports league truly recognize the players who are committed to excellence for their team, their community, and to their academics. Our partners at NYT CLOTHING EXCHANGE and BSN SPORTS have made it possible for the MAC to recognize 24 Scholar-athletes in our program who do just that.


By celebrating the entire SCHOLAR-athlete our partners at NYT CLOTHING EXCHANGE and BSN SPORTS ensure that even the players who are achieving success away from the athletic fields receive the recognition they deserve. Our partners commitment to promoting the following awards exemplifies their commitment to excellence in all aspects of life.


"Selflessness Award"

Each program will nominate the player from their program who best represents putting the needs of the team before their own. By teaching our Scholar-athletes the value of a cause greater than ones self we will inspire in our young men a true sense of selflessness. One day these young men may become husbands, fathers, or leaders in our community. The MAC seeks to ensure they continue to be Men of character.


"Service Hours Award"

Awarded to the Scholar-athlete from each program with the most service hours in the community. By we will develop much deeper and more meaningful bonds across diverse communities. 


"Study Hall Award"

The "Coach Crawford Study Hall Award" is awarded to the Scholar-athlete from each program with the most hours at our Learning Center during the season. By training the SCHOLAR inside of each of young man, as much as we train the athlete we will ensure they are prepared to achieve success in their academic endeavors.


"Mr Football Award"

The MAC presents only two league wide awards for athletic achievement on the field. Selected by the head coaches of the conference, these two players are recognized as the best offensive, and best defensive player league wide during the season.