" Between what we are...and what we hope to become is a GAP...Who will Stand in the Gap? "

Middle-school Age Conference


93 out of 95 counties in our state have true Middle-School football. Our goal is to provide a structure through which our middle school age players develop their skills both on and off the gridiron with a concentrated focus on character development, academic achievement and community service. Games will be played at our local high school stadiums on Thursday nights. "J.V." games kick-off at 630pm followed by our "Varsity" game at 730pm.



Using a varsity and junior varsity structure, practice and game environments will be improved through increased player development. As a result, feeder high schools will receive the scholar-athlete they seek - young men committed to excellence both on and off the field.

Deep, committed relationships among players, parents, coaches, educators, and the wider community will provide the foundation on which to build sustainable athletic, personal and academic success for each athlete in our program.



Our success will not be measured by the wins and losses on the field. Football is a metaphor for life, and as a result, we intend to use football as a means to help produce the next generation of leaders our communities will need. Doing so will be how we define and measure success as a program.



We will provide a study hall location where any MAC athlete seeking academic help can receive the assistance needed to achieve success in the classroom. Though our support network we are able to provide teachers/tutors to our SCHOLAR-athletes free of charge.


Is composed of the top G.P.A earners in each grade level.  "Academic All-American" status qualifies Scholar-athletes for tickets to a State-Championship game, travel on a chartered bus, and a catered meal at the game free of charge. Each program will send their "Academic All-Americans" on this trip.



Each program will recognize the following award winners:

  •  "Eric Berry Teammate Award":   for Selflessness to the Team
  •  "Derrick Furlow Service Award":    for Service Hours      
  •    "Coach Crawford Award":   for Academic Achievement




 Our partnership with the SCARECROW FOUNDATION allows MAC student-athletes the opportunity to volunteer in various communities in the area and to serve the needs of others first. By doing this we are able to strengthen communities and build stronger relationships outside of athletics.