Gallery of Success

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How do we get tournament wins? 

By having amazing players, parents and coaches! 



13U Champions:  KCBL Silver League


14U Champions:  KCBL Gold Division League


14U Co-Champions:  KCBL Gold Championship Tournament



14U Ryan Sigale MVP:  KCBL Championship Tournament


14U Lifetime Achievement Award:  7 Seasons Together



13U Bracket Champions:  Game Day Silver Slugger


14U Bracket Champions:  Ripkin Experience, Myrtle Beach


14U Cade Duffin Champion:  Home Run Derby, Myrtle Beach Ripkin Experience


13U Ryan Konen 2nd Place:  Home Run Derby, Branson Ballparks of America



13U Coach Dan 2nd Place:  Coaches Home Run Derby, Branson Ballparks of America



14U Champions:  RBA Summer Classic Tournament


12U Champions:  JP Sports Gold Glove Classic



12U Champions:  JP Sports Monster of the Midway


10U Second Place: Game Day Deep Dish Classic


14U Second Place:  Game Day Deep Dish Classic



13U First Place:  JR Stars Summer Classic Tournament


11U First Place: Monster of the Midway Championship


12U 3rd place: Lisle Spring Slugfest


11U First Place: Battle at the Bridge Championship



12U  2nd Place: Aurora Travel Baseball Spring Fling



11U First Place: Silver Series Championship


13U First Place: Fox Valley Super Regional Championship


 12U First Place: North Aurora Memorial Day Tournament


17U Red First Place:  Cincy Flames Summer Classic - Bronze Division


12U  2nd Place: Carpentersville "Hit One for Dad" Tourney


13U Red 2nd Place: CDBL Rockets Father's Day Classic Tourney


17U First Place: Illinois College Showcase @ Purdue Northwest




13U Red:  All-Star Ballpark Heaven Champions


8U 2nd Place: WSBL Conference Championship


14U 2nd Place: Cobras for a Cause


13U Red 2nd Place:  CDBL Father's Day Classic


8U 2nd Place: Bloomingdale Backyard Bash


11U Red First Place: Oswego Summer Classic


8U First Place:  City of Lights Tournament


11U  Red First Place: 11U Reds Rumble


8U First Place:   Red, White & Blue Classic


13U Red 2nd Place: Reds Rumble


8U First Place: Reds Rumble


12U 2nd Place: Yorkville Diamond Dust Up


11U First Place:  West Chicago Showdown


9U First Place:  Rockford Turf War


11U Red  First Place:  Fox Valley Freedom Fest 



9U 2nd Place:  Kentucky Preseason Championships



9U 2nd Place: Turn 2 Turf Tournament



13U First Place: Lombard Lightening Spring Invitational


13U White First Place:  Gold Glove Classic in Rock Island



12U Red 2nd Place:  Wheaton-Red, White & Blue Classic



10U Cobras First Place: KCBL Tournament


 11U First Place:  Batavia 4th of July Summer Slam



12U White 2nd Place: Rock Island May Madness


10u First Place: Oswego Panther Prowl Boombah Bash



10U 2nd Place: Reverse the Curse NIT



12U White 2nd Place:  Batavia Windmill Classic



10U First Place:  WC Elite Spring Shootout


12U Red 2nd Place:  Huntley Red Raiders Spring Challenge


 12U Red 2nd Place:  Lombard Lightning Spring Invitational