Basic Game Rules

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Basic Game Rules

The Rowlett Hockey League is a recreational inline hockey league. Our goal is player skill development, sportsmanship, and fun.

1. 4 skaters and a goalie are on the playing surface for each team.

2. Games are three periods(11 minutes each for youth, 13 minutes each for adults). Clock will stop during a whistle.

3. No Checking or rough play is allowed. Major and Minor penalties will be called.

4. There is no icing or offsides.

5. Players may substitute on the fly, when the exiting player reaches within 5 feet of the gate.

6. A shoot out will determine a winner if the game ends in a tie. After one shoot out, if there is still a tie, the tie stands (regular season only). See RHA Rules for play-offs.

7. An official scorer will record game statistics. The Rowlett Hockey League follows the USA In-line Hockey Rules. The rules are available for review by contacting your coach, or by checking out the RHA rules menu tab.