Parents Code of Conduct

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Parents Code of Conduct

RHA Rules (handout, click here)
Are you setting a good example for your child?

As parents, we must be role models for sportsmanship, teamwork and self-control in addition to all else. After all, while It is unlikely that your young hockey player will grow up to be another Mike Modano or even get into the NHL, there is no reason why you can't strive to be a "model" parent. Here are some tips that can get you there.

* Never yell at your child for making mistakes during the game.
After the game, point out what he or she did well. Positive
reinforcement goes a long way in any situation.

* Always accept the final outcome of each game.

* Teach your child to be gracious in victory. Teach him/her to turn
defeat into victory by working towards improvement.

* Remember that your child plays the game of hockey to have fun.
Winning probably means more to you than to your child.

* Always applaud good plays; don't dwell on bad plays.

* Children imitate their parents. If you actions are improper during
games, your child’s probably will be, too.

* The viewing stands are not a place to shout personal instructions.

* Respect the coach's decisions and abilities. Never force your child to decide to listen to you, or to the coach, during the game.

* Remember that coaches are volunteers. A "Thank You" once in a while
will go a long way.

* Stress the importance of team play.

* Take time to learn the rules of the game. This will give you a
better understanding of the game and why the coaches make the
decisions that they do. The rulebook is available online at the
link to the handout shown above. It is also under the RHA Rules
Tab on the main menu of the Welcome page.

.........and remember, there is more to life than hockey. Encourage your child to participate in other activities.