THE MANISTEE SAINTS. An unusual name, even considered angelic! But anyone knowing the players and people associated with the Saints over the years might wonder though...the Saints? Lucky, Lefty, and Whitey; Roddy, Unc, Fat, and Dugan; Popeye, Spook, Spike, and the Sizzler! Hardly names that conjure up images of Saints and if you heard their tales regaled over and over again, you would become even more suspicious, but the nickname was a natural. Father Julian Moleski organized the team in the spring of 1934 as a parish team of St Joseph's Catholic Church in Manistee and over the years the team has evolved from a parish team, to a town team, to it's present form as an area team. The Saints have been a part of the Manistee baseball scene since '34, sometimes arousing and exciting the whole community; and at other times playing to sparse crowds through the dog days of summer. From the days of Sunday afternoon games with concerts in the park, to weekend double-headers with lots of road trips, Manistee has had an enduring love affair with Saints baseball.
So sit back and relax, join in the fun, and check out our site as "the Saints Go Marchin' In!"