Recreational Softball

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Recreational Softball Mission Statement

The Western Howard County Softball League is a community run program providing girls aged 7 to 18 the opportunity to play softball.  Our program offers two divisions so that girls at all skill levels can find the appropriate level of competition.  Recreational softball is our in-house league that focuses on skill development and teaches the girls how to play the game.  Our travel softball program offers girls who have mastered the basic skills the opportunity to learn a more advanced set of softball skills, while playing a more competitive, longer season.

Western Howard County Softball aspires to instill in each player a life long passion for the game of softball and to help each player reach their own individual talent potential. To try and achieve these goals, we will:

  • Provide safe playing fields, proper equipment and impartial umpires.

  • Select coaches that can teach our players:  the skills and the rules of the game, good sportsmanship through winning and losing graciously, team work through working together to improve their individual skills and to have fun playing the game by emphasizing the enjoyment of physical activity over the importance of winning.

  • Try and create teams based on the school the players attend and parental requests for carpooling or friendship purposes.

  • Provide instructional clinics for coaches and players when time and space are available. 

Western Howard County Softball offers the opportunity to anyone who enjoys the game of softball to share that enthusiasm as a player, coach, umpire or fan with others in our organization.

Questions about our Softball Programs?

Please feel free to contact:

Chrissie Lazaris - Recreational Softball Coordinator

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