Travel Softball

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For specific information about Maryland Fever Travel Softball Teams, please contact:
Fever Program Director, Pat Sheplee
The Maryland Fever Travel Softball program offers girls aged nine to eighteen the opportunity to play the game of softball at the most competitive level found in the State of Maryland.  Our program offers girls who have mastered the basic skills of softball an opportunity to learn more advanced skills and softball game strategies.  Our travel softball program is designed to offer our girls the best playing environment in Howard County.  We are focused on allowing our girls the opportunity to become the best softball players they can be.
Our coaches teach the skills of softball with an eye toward making the game fun for each of our girls.  We strive to teach the skills of the game with a positive attitude and use positive reinforcement to allow the girls to become successful.  In addition to teaching softball skills, our coaches emphasize the concepts of good sportsmanship, fair play and winning and losing graciously.  Our softball program is designed to provide our girls with the opportunity to learn these concepts and apply them for the rest of their lives.  While being a great softball player is a tremendous short-term goal for our girls, being a great person is the long-term goal for all of our girls.
We have developed our travel softball program over the last seven years.  Our program is constantly looking to improve by taking the best aspects of other local and regional programs and incorporating them into our program.  In addition, our travel program is dependent upon the success of the Western Howard County recreation league.  To ensure its success, the travel program gives its time, talent and resources to create the best recreation in-house league in Howard County.

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