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The WHS Trojans Lacrosse Program will be a well respected, winning program in which its members continuously excel.


Commitment- Character-Competition
The Mission of the WHS Trojans Lacrosse program is to develop student-athletes who are committed to maximizing their potential as young men, as students, and as lacrosse players, who exhibit strong character in their daily lives and in the community, and who work to compete at the highest level of lacrosse, both statewide and nationally.


• Commitment to Excellence
• Ownership of one’s thoughts and actions
• Teamwork: Taking Responsibility for Self & Others
• Hard-work and Perseverance
• Passion for Competition


The WHS Trojan’s Lacrosse program promotes excellence in athletics without compromising excellence in academics or integrity in its commitment to rules or conduct. Student athletes are encouraged to maintain a balance between lacrosse, academics, and their personal lives. It is through a commitment to hard work and the continuous pursuit of excellence, taking responsibility and ownership of one’s self, establishing a passion for competition, and the support of teammates and family that our players will achieve excellence. The WHS Trojan’s Lacrosse program believes that our athletes’ success on the field will carry over into their academics, as well as their personal lives.

What is WHS Lacrosse All About Anyway?

WHS Lacrosse: The Program
Click on this link to find out about the Wissahickon High School Lacrosse program, as well as a bit about the high level of Academics we have here at the Wissahickon High School!