Susquehanna League "Hall of Fame"

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Susquehanna Baseball League
"Hall of Fame"
Class of 2005

(left to right: Ken "Bud" Hartman, Mike Bacon, Jim Hartman, Jan Grove, Tom "Barney" Shultz)

Class of 2007
(To be inducted  February 2, 2008)
Dave Woltman (York Township, League President, Vice-President, Treasurer)
Kim McCullough (Glen Rock)
Sam Jamison (Loganville, Jacobus)
Don Grove (Windsor)
Marlyn Bacon (Conrads)

Class of 2006
(Inducted  February 3, 2007)
Larry "Jake" Jacobs (York Township)
Fred Winter (East Prospect)
Rod Holtzapple (Loganville and Stewartstown)
Danny Smith (Felton and Conrads/Player-Manager, Scholarship Founder & Benefactor)
Bob Bowser (Wrightsville)

Class of 2005
(Inducted February 4, 2006)
Tom "Barney" Shultz (York Township)
Mike Bacon (Conrads, Felton, Southern)
Jan Grove (Felton)
Ken "Bud" Hartman (Loganville)
James Hartman (Loganville)

Class of 2004
Jeff Bowman (York Township)
Clase Heaps (Red Lion)
Denny Reisinger (Wrightsville)
Dick Shoff (Windsor)
Dean "Diz" Snyder (Conrads)

Class of 2003
Bill Hess
Tom Kerrigan (Coach/Founder of "York Colonial Tournament")
Barry Lloyd
Roy "Junie" Reisinger (East Prospect)
Glen Smith
Clint Workinger (Conrads)

Class of 2002
Sam Fitz (Conrads)
Steve Keller (Windsor)
Kenton McGinness
Greg Rebert (League President -- Jacobus)
Bob Seitz (Jacobus, Stewartstown)

Class of 2001
Brad Chambers (Manager -- York Township)
Jim Schwertzler (Stewartstown)
Edison Glatfelter
Charles Godfrey (Stewartstown)
Ken Seitz (Winterstown)

Class of 2000
Larry Hersh (Stewartstown)
Don Ruby
Hammer Snyder (Windsor)
Dale Wise (Loganville)
John "JW" Woltman (York Township)

Class of 1999
Doug Crouse (Columbia)
Leon "Lonnie" Strayer (Conrads)
Sam Shive (Columbia)
Russ Shearer (Jacobus)
Rod Seitz (Seven Valleys, Jacobus, Columbia)

Class of 1998
Gordie Eck (Columbia)
Bruce Frick (Glen Rock, Stewartstown)
Bill Grim (Conrads)
Rod Grim (Conrads)
Ned Gohn

Class of 1997
Bob Bayman (East Prospect)
Lynwood Mays (Stewartstown)
Ed Workinger (Conrads)
Toby Grove (Windsor)
Don Woltman (Manager -- York Township)
Ken Hersey (League Officer, Stewartstown)

Class of 1996
Sheldon Markle (Conrads)
Carlton "Connie Mac" McWilliams (Team Founder/Manager -- York Township)
Patty Reisinger (Player-Manager/Wrightsville)
Vernard Bacon (Manager/Player -- Conrads)
Wilmer Neff (Windsor)
Ron Pomraning (Stewartstown)

Class of 1982
Bob Overmiller (Felton)

Class of 1980
Dick Culbertson (League President)

Class of 1978
Sterling Seipple (Fan-Supporter/Wrightsville & League Vice President)
Mervin Slenker (Fan-Supporter/Jacobus)
Floyd Ritz (East Prospect)
Jake Keller (Windsor)
Leroy Burg (Fan-Supporter/East Prospect)

Class of 1977
Fred "Dutch" Dorman (Local Major League Scout)
Charles Sawmiller (Manager/Hallam)
John Ruth (York County Umpire & League Assigning Secretary)
Jake Spotz (Longtime Susquehanna Fan)
Stutz Grim

Class of 1976
Sterling Ecker (Stewartstown)
Walt Arnold (Fan-Supporter/Conrads)
Clint Smith (Windsor)
Joe Kratzer, Sr. (Manager/Wrightsville)
Dick Shoff, Sr. (Windsor)

Class of 1975
John Grove (Supporter/Fan)
Pret Robinson (Player-Manager/Conrads)
Elwood "Duck" Smith (York Township)
James Laucks (Manager/Windsor)
Freedman "Buck" Gladfelter (Player/Fan-Supporter/Felton)

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