Field Improvements

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Field Improvements

Spring 2016 - Gilman Park - the infield was recut and new infield mix was added.  

Fall 2015 - Currier Field   Low spots in the outfield were filled and re-seeded.  Areas in front of the dugouts were stripped, loamed and re-seeded.  The mound and base paths were cut to accommodate mounds for 60' and 70' play (convertible field).   First and third bases were rounded - similar to professional diamonds - and new infield mix was added throughout.  The new electronic scoreboard was also installed.

Fall 2015 - Olson Field (Brentwood) and Newfields were re-habilitated, and Newfields' baseball and softball diamonds both received new infield mix.  

Fall 2015 / Spring 2016 Investment > $12,000



In 2005, EJBL began stepped-up fundraising efforts for badly needed field improvements. This multi-year effort has made steady progress and could not have been possible without the support of many important people, most notably Bob Costa, EJBL's Facilities Manager from 2005-2008.

EJBL cannot take credit, however, for all the field improvements over the past few years. Especially one big one in Kensington!

A timeline of field improvements since 2005....

Spring 2006 - Newfields gets a new infield. Our first improvement effort. New sod was installed and the infield dirt was replaced with a better draining field mix. April snows threw us badly off schedule, but the end result was a safe, flat and dry infield.

Spring 2006 - New bleachers for Currier & Walsh. Walsh drainage problem repaired. The old decaying wood bleachers were a major safety hazard as well as an eyesore. New grading and drainage installed at the foot of the slope behind Walsh. Better draining infield mix added in infield. These fixes significantly reduced a chronic draining problem that kept the field wet most of the spring.

Spring 2007 - Brentwood gets a new infield too. Our second try at a new infield. Weather set us back again, so we got the message - no more new infields in the spring! The good news is no more risk of lost teeth by the first baseman as a ball kicks off the big infield swale.

Spring 2008 - Brentwood gets a new dugouts & irrigation. Courtesy of the Brentwood Rec Department. Thank You! New roofs were added to the dugouts in the fall of 2008.

Spring 2008 - Kensington's field of dreams! The field improvement that dwarfs all others! Through the generosity of a Kensington benefactor, the people of Kensington have a first class rec park. All of EJBL is very fortunate to be able to play at this beautiful facility. The park includes a brand new baseball field with all the extras - lights, covered dugouts, & electronic scoreboard. From an EJBL field improvement perspective: "Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good". Thank you to the Kensington field trust and KYAA for their support!

Fall 2008 - Walsh gets new infield and dugouts. Infield sod installed. New dugouts installed with separate on-deck area to keep on-deck batter off the field of play. Volunteers to install roofs in Spring of 2009.

Spring 2009 - Walsh roofs Walsh field dugouts get new roofs to complete the renovation of this to our first 70' field. Exeter Hospital also donated a new scoreboard for Currier field.

Fall 2009 - Currier's long awaited face lift The EJBL's original field was the focus of a lot of work thanks to the generous folks at Timberland and the success of our Red Sox raffle fundraiser. First, the Currier infield was leveled and new sod and infield mix was put down to refresh the playing surface. Then new dugouts and on-deck areas were installed. Finally, on a windy October day a small army of Timberland volunteers came to the field as part of their Serv-A-Palooza day to install dugout floors and roofs, lay down sod and mulch, fix the flag pole and install a rain garden behind the backstop at Walsh.

Finally, East Kingston baseball is refurbishing Foss Field. EJBL has made a contribution to their effort. Plans call for a refurbished field to be installed with a 200 foot fence and an infield convertible from a 60-70 foot diamond.

Thank you to all the supporters of our local baseball league and to all those who braved the brisk spring winds selling those raffle tickets. See you again next spring!

Fall 2010 - New 90' & 70' convertible field! For the second straight year the EJBL teamed up with the great folks at Timberland. This year we renovated the baseball field at the old Exeter High School on Linden St. and made a convertible 90' & 70' diamond. The EJBL benefited from Timberland's Serv-A-Palooza day as their employees built picnic tables, installed dugout benches, removed old sod and spread tons and tons of infield mix by shovel and wheelbarrow, all in one day!