About me

I am excited to be coaching at Oak Harbor again. I started coaching girls tennis here in 1992. I coached girls tennis at Oak Harbor from 1992-1997 and boys tennis from 1993-1994. From there I coached boys at Fremont Ross from 1995-2006 and the girls there from 2003-2006. I also coached girls tennis at SJCC in 2002. I coached the boys tennis team back here from 2007-2013 and also in 2015. I have been coaching Girls here since 2007.
I am an 1983 OHHS graduate. I received my BA from the University of Toledo in 1987 and a MA in 1997 also from UT. Currently, I teach Government at Fremont Ross HS. I have a son, Greg, that graduated from OHHS and is attending UT. My daughter, Ashley is also at The University of Toledo. Both are currently on the Rocket coaching staff, along with Jacqueline McClune who is a recent graduate of BGSU.