Team Rules 2014

Rocket Tennis Rules

1. Players must attend all prctices and matches unless excused by Coach. A player may possibly be excused by Coach with a note from parents stating the reason practice or match was missed.

2. Practice will begin at 3:15 during school. Be on the court ready to play at that time.

3. Most home matches begin at 4:00. Be on the court in uniform by 3:15 unless otherwise stated by Coach.

4. Be on time for designated departure times. Sometimes players will miss scholl for all-day events. Ask teachers for assignments a few days before to get all work done ahead of time.

5. Good sportsmanship will be expected both at matches and practices. The Ohio High School Athletic Code of Conduct will be enforced during all matches. BEHAVE!

6. NO profanity!

7. No horseplay will be permitted before, during, or after matches or practice. Remember we are representing Oak Harbor High School.

8. Players may not leave matches or practices until dismissed by Coach.

9. Upon finishing matches promptly report scores to Coach.

10. It is the responsibility of all players to keep the playing area clean and free of trash. Players will remove all balls and equipment after matches and practices.

11. Proper rest is essential to maximum performance on court. Player are to be home or with theri parents by at least 10:00 on nights before matches.