South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League Games

The SJYLAX games begin late March and culminate with the year-end tournament in late May/early June.  Games are not scheduled during Easter and Memorial Day weekends, but will be played on Mother's Day.


Girl's League Games

League game schedules are set by SJYLAX in late February or early March. Normally scheduled Girl's games are held on Sundays, at a location in South Jersey.  Each team will play two games in a "Round Robin" format.  If necessary, make up games may be played on weekday evenings


Home games are held at the Hainesport Municipal Recreation Complex on Marne Highway.


The current game schedule can be found at the SJYLAX ZebraWeb site (Click here).



Boy's League Games

The current game schedule can be found at the SJYLAX ZebraWeb site (Click here).



Exhibition Games (Girl's and Boy's)

During the season, exhibition games may be scheduled with local teams. Exhibition game schedules are set by the Club and Coaching Staff.


Tournaments (Girl's and Boy's)

Each team will participate in the SJYLAX Year-End Tournament. Additional tournaments may be added at the discretion of the Club and Coaching Staff.  


Teams usually practice 2 nights per week, and most practices will run about 1 to 2 hours.  The team's coaching staff will determine the days and times for practice. Efforts are being made to coordinate practice schedules with the soccer team in order to minimize scheduling conflicts.


Our Girl's outdoor practice schedule for the 2018 Spring Season is: 

    • U14A (Coach Holly) Monday, Thursday 6:00-7:30
    • U14B (Coach Dave) Tuesday, Thursday 6:00-7:30
    • U12 AB (Coach Gregg) Monday, Wednesday 6:00-7:30
    • U10 Developmental Program (Coach Kristen) Monday, Thursday 5:00-6:00 (At Hainesport Township Complex)


Our outdoor practice locations for the 2018 Spring Season are:

 Field schedule for practices



Indoor Clinics (This page will be updated as clinics are announced)

In addition to practice, several indoor clinics will be scheduled for early in the season to help teams prepare without weather concerns. Indoor events may be held at the Marlton Field House, the ISC in Mt. Laurel, or other indoor practice facilities. The costs of the planned indoor practices are included with registration. 





Girl's Games Frequently Asked Questions

 Why isn’t there a 3-Pass Rule at our 12U or 14U girl’s lacrosse games?


It would be easy to simply answer that US Lacrosse and South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League do not follow a 3 pass rule at 12U or 14U. But there is much more to it than that. US Lacrosse and league discussion on this topic resulted in the conclusion not to include a 3 pass rule at these levels. The consensus was two-fold.  First, Players like scoring.  To make the game more fun the rules support faster and higher scoring games.  The 3 pass rule slows the game, lowers the scores, and ultimately makes the game less appealing for youth players. More importantly, what ever stick and passing skills are gained from a 3 pass rule are more than offset by the development of bad offensive and defensive habits that are difficult to overcome at higher levels of play. Coaches following US Lacrosse guidelines and the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model have better methods to teach these skills than enforcing a 3 pass rule in games. The 3 pass rule undermines true learning and understanding of women’s lacrosse.   


Our coaches have considered implementing a pass rule for our teams, (and will sometimes do so to slow our scoring when leading a game by a large margin.) After watching our teams for years at RV Youth Girl’s Lacrosse, we have come to agree with US Lacrosse and the league that the three-pass rule created many more bad habits on our girl’s teams than the good it was intended to produce. It is proven that, regardless of the coaching, when forced to follow a 3 pass rule in game situations the following occur: 


    • Girls run randomly around with absolutely no purpose except to get the third pass.
    • Girls often purposely avoid the "second" pass so they could be the recipient of the third pass.
    • Girls who receive the 3rd pass hear the side line explode "go to the goal”, then always run straight to goal.
    • When following the 3 pass rule, defensive players follow lamely, totally unconcerned until the third pass was about to be executed. 
    • Once the offensive team completes the third pass, the defense usually doesn't play with proper positioning because they all know that the third pass means that player will run to goal. 
    • Girls are more worried about stopping the girl after the 3rd pass than playing good defense and preventing the offense from completing the first few passes.

Further, the 3 pass rule undermines learning the offensive & defensive transition skills and the strong attack skills needed to succeed at high school and college levels.   

For U12 and U14 play: Rather than enhancing real skills, the 3 pass rule results in the manifestation and perpetuation of bad habits and sloppy play. We believe that the 3 pass rule does not promote lacrosse skills or field intelligence.


Our coaches are teaching the players to use a balanced offense in which we "go to goal" as our first and best option. We teach off ball play to create space for the ball carrier to "attack" the goal in an attempt to score. If the defense effectively resists, the ball carrier should back out and look for a cutter or give and go, If that isn't possible the 3rd option is to move the ball "clockwise" to another player who will make another controlled attempt to score. The next option is to move the ball to "X" and try to set up an attack. Our last option on offense is to rotate the ball quickly around the arc trying to confuse and move the defense so that we can attempt to "go to goal" (and restart the progression.)  The 3 pass rule really only benefits the last option in our offensive progression and is therefore not our priority.