Rainout Information

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Now that it's that time of the year this is how TCIHL is going to handle Rainouts:


1. If possible one hour before game time the league phone number 760-282-4452 (760-2tcihl2) will be updated with a status if a scheduled game is a go or no go. You may also check the Welcome page on this website for latest rain delay updates well.

2. Even though it may have rained in the previous 12 hours, if it is NOT raining when it is time to depart for the rink, and you have not received a phone call from your coach, head for the rink and expect to play!

3. The website & league phone # will not be updated with the time of the rescheduled rained out game until coordination with the coaches & refs has occured.


If we have a rain delay we will try to reschedule on the day of the rainout. Otherwise the games will be scheduled for another day. The final decision will be posted on the web and on the league phone # (760) 282-4452 (760-2tcihl2) ASAP. No action will be taken before then as we have to get agreements from the affected coaches and refs. The general rule of thumb we will try to follow is:

1. Since Saturday afternoon timeslots are open and it is easier to get refs on that day we will try to makeup games on the following Saturday afternoon, or
2. Use Visiting Team practice slot during the week ( Mites, Squirts, & PeeWee Div)
3. Other arrangements made as rain conditions may dictate.

These are just guidelines your Team Manager and Coaches will have the correct information.