Vipers Travel Softball is a community-based fastpitch travel softball program.  What does it mean to be “community-based”?  That means, while we are a travel program that plays in tournaments throughout western and central NY (primarily), we maintain close ties to the communities and schools in our primary geographies.  We primarily target players from Victor and surrounding areas, Canandaigua and surrounding areas, Bloomfield, Honeoye Falls, and the Finger Lakes.  The players don’t have to travel all over to practice.  We regularly schedule games (outside of tournaments and the travel league) in these communities.  And we regularly put on clinics for area girls or support the efforts of the schools.


Our goal is to develop our girls for future success, whether on the softball field, in the classroom, or in the community.   The program promotes hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork, and a desire to grow.  The program has outstanding support from families and the communities that are represented. 


We aspire to play softball at a highly-competitive level.  This is facilitated by excellent instruction by dedicated coaches.  All coaches are ASA certified.  We practice nearly all year.  In addition to individual team practices, we offer a program philosophy on how to play the game.  We offer skills practices during the off-season, separate pitcher’s practices, separate catcher’s practices, and separate hitting instruction.  And while there is no shortage of opportunity for the girls to improve their skills, we also recognize the desire for girls to play multiple competitive sports.


We strongly believe in and insist on adherence to our “code of conduct” for coaches, administrators, players, and parents.  We work hard to maintain a great reputation within the softball community.