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The Montgomery Youth Lacrosse Club Mission Statement

The Montgomery Youth Lacrosse Club was founded to promote the sport of lacrosse to girls and boys in Montgomery Township. Boys and girls play separately, follow different rules, and have different uniform/equipment requirements. Our program is a hybrid of a Rec and Travel Program which emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, discipline and most of all, fun. The development of lacrosse skills varies by grade level, with a final goal of preparation for high school level competition.

The mission of the Montgomery Youth Lacrosse Club is to provide: 

•   The opportunity for boys and girls in Montgomery Township to learn and enjoy lacrosse under the tutelage of dedicated coaches in a safe and structured environment that promotes sportsmanship, allows each player to play and develop their skills at a comfortable pace and that promotes an intensity that will sustain the players enthusiasm through high school;

•   Younger players the chance to learn the game of lacrosse without sacrificing other sports and activities vital to their overall and athletic development;

•   Proper balance of competitive play and personal development that prepares the student for the next level of competitive lacrosse;

•   Education/training of players, coaches and fans about the game of lacrosse while promoting sportsmanship, good work ethics, responsibility and respect for fellow players and the game; 

•   Support and development of skilled lacrosse players for High School teams;

•   Ongoing support and endorsement of players in future endeavors such as college competition and jobs through a strong network of coaches, parents and players.


Objectives by Grade

  1. Our aim in grades 3 and 4 is to teach the fundamentals of the game of lacrosse. MYLC does not endorse sports specialization at this age.
  2. In grades 5 and 6, players continue to develop fundamental skills and appreciation for the game of lacrosse.  Players are expected to attend the majority of practices and games and absences may negatively impact playing time.
  3. Seventh and eighth grades are critical preparatory years for high school.  This period finds players fine-tuning their skills and knowledge of the game. By this level, we expect players to be committed to the lacrosse season. Playing in a different sport during lacrosse season will not be accepted as a valid excuse. Attendance at games and practices is mandatory. The coaches will evaluate excuses only if they are presented to them in advance. Playing time is directly tied to the number of practices the player attends per week.


Program Offerings:

Boys 3rd/4th (combo), 5th/6th (combo), 7th/8th (combo) Grade Travel Team Play

Teams practice 2x/week at Van Horne Fields and weekly games are held on Saturdays/Sundays and on an occasional week night against other local towns. Home games are held either at Cougar Stadium or Van Horne Field. Required equipment includes: stick, helmet, mouth guard, gloves, arm, and shoulder pads (rib pads are also recommended). The season runs from the end of February through the end of May. There is a registration cost to play plus the cost of a uniform (if not a returning player) along with a current membership to US Lacrosse ($30).

North Jersey Junior Lacrosse League: NJJLL Home


Girls 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th Grade Travel Team Play

Teams practice 2x/week and weekly games are held on Saturdays/Sundays and on an occasional week night against other local towns. Home games are held either at Cougar Stadium or the Arboretum (Harlingen) Fields. Required equipment includes: stick, mouth guard and goggles. The season runs from the end of February through the beginning of June. There is a registration cost to play plus the cost of a uniform (if not a returning player) along with a current membership to US Lacrosse ($30).  

New Jersey Junior Girls Lacrosse League: NJJGLL Home

K – 2nd BOYS & GIRLS Scoopers Clinic
A progressive skills clinic to teach the basics of lacrosse through fun drills and small sided games. The clinic will be held once a week for 6 weeks on Sunday at Cougar Stadium. For boys a stick, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads and a mouth guard are required equipment (rib pads are optional). For girls a stick, goggles, and mouth guard are required equipment.  The season runs from end of March through the end of May. The cost to play is $75 plus a current membership to US Lacrosse ($30). Practice Pinneys are included. Rental equipment for boys available first come/first serve 


MYLC Board:


Chuck Petrozzini - Commissioner

Jason Kokoszka - Director of Boys Programming

Mark Welch - Director of Girls Programming

Paul Vecchione - Treasurer

Greg Matthews - Member

Nicole O'Brien - Member

Kurt Schweiger - Member

Matt Jaworovich - Member



Committee Coordinators

  • Concussion Testing Coordinator(s) - OPEN
  • Girls Game Confirmation Coordinator - Mark Welch
  • Boys Game Confirmation Coordinator - Jason Kokoszka
  • US Lacrosse Membership Coordinator - OPEN
  • Apparel Coordinator - OPEN
  • Uniform Coordinator - OPEN
  • Field Coordinator - Kurt Schweiger
  • Events Coordinator - OPEN
  • Team Photo Coordinators - OPEN
  • Equipment - Jason Kokoszka 
  • End-of-Season Picnic - OPEN


VOLUNTEERS:  Many hands make light work!  We welcome anyone interested in sharing their talent and passion for youth sports to contact us at 



MYLC Grievance Policy.  

Sometimes things don't go as planned. MYLC has a 24 hour cooling off policy and then requests issues be addressed as outlined in the Grievance Policy.  Please click on the link above and read thoroughly. If you have any questions, please contact