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Welcome to Monte Vista Freshman Football!


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  Need Help?  The Frosh Parent Liaison can be reached at Also, check the Freshman Handbook. Answers to most questions can be found there.


MV Frosh Families,

Hope you are all well and healthy during these tough times.  I feel horrible for the players and the entire staff.  We want nothing more than to be out there coaching the kids up.  We are waiting for new guidelines on August 11 after the postponement of fall sports until December 14.  You should have received a December practice schedule from Coach Russi.  We will continue to do occasional Google classroom calls and the keep the players engaged.  We are not going to overload them though this far out.  We hope to get workouts going again in September maybe 1-2 days a week.  In the meantime, I would have them continue working out at Cal Strength as I believe they extended the classes for MV players.  For those not attending Cal Strength, please have them work out on their own or preferably with teammates and friends.  I will update you all immediately with every scheduling update I receive.  Again, it breaks my heart not to be out there but we still have a season in front of us.  Keep the boys hopeful.  Please reach out to me with any questions and/or concerns. 


Thanks and Go Mustangs!

Coach Nystrom


Here is link to the slide deck Coach Nystrom shared during the freshman parent meeting:  

Freshman Parent Meeting



MV Freshman Football Families,

First off, I truly hope you and your families have been safe, healthy, and as happy as can be during these unprecedented times.  It's been tough for all of us and we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after such a prolonged quarantine.  To any of you that have had friends or family affected I truly pray and wish the best for them. 

I am honored to coach your players this year and we will make it a very fun and exciting learning experience.  We will have 8 coaches on the staff, all with a ton of playing and coaching experience.  We have 43 players signed up as of now.  If you know anyone interested please forward them the signup link.  There are no cuts like in some youth football programs so all that commit to the team will be on the team.  As of now we have a 10 game schedule.  I consider it tentative because we have no idea what is going to happen between now and Aug. 10th which is the official start of the season. 

SRVUSD finally released their "return to football" guidelines and it will be a very different summer camp this year.  We will have groups fo no more than 12 players along with 1-2 coaches. Those coaches will stick with that group for the entire 4 weeks.  We will practice social distancing and share no equipment whatsoever.  I will email you all the SRVUSD specific guidelines.  Summer Camp will begin July 13th and go from 8am - 10 am Monday thru Thursday.  Each session will be an hour long and we will have 2 groups splitting the field.  We will also start Google classroom calls with the players early next week.  We will email times and dates for those.  Along with the program wide parent meeting today, we will have our frosh parent meeting on Wed June 17 at 7pm.  We will send out the link for the virtual meeting. 

With roughly 4 weeks before Camp starts we would love for your athletes to stay busy and active.  Nate Kenion, of Kenion Training, has offered to work with our players during this time.  He is a renowned trainer in the area and some of you may have already worked with him.  There will be 10 sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  He will do a ton of speed and agility work along with plenty of football drills.  His groups will be capped at 12 players.  We hope to get started this Thur so if you or your athlete have any interest please sign up soon.  It would be great to have as many players out there as we can so they can push each other.  The cost of the training is $200 for the entire 4 weeks.  Training sessions will take place at Sycamore Park.  This is optional of course but I highly recommend it.  Your players will be in great shape prior to the camp starting.  Sign up and schedule info is below.  Please note you are with Monte Vista Frosh so he knows the correct group.

Nate Kenion (707)704-8003


Schedule for Trainings

  • June 18 - 8:30/9:30/12:30 group start times

  • June 23-8:30/9:30/12:30 group start times

  • June 25- 8:30/9:30/12:30

  • June 26-11:30/12:30/1:30

  • June 30 - 8:30/9:30/12:30

  • July 2 - 8:30/9:30/12:30

  • July 3 - 11:30/12:30/1:30

  • July 7 - 8:30/9:30/12:30

  • July 9- 8:30/9:30/12:30

  • July 10 - 11:30/12:30/1:30


Summer Camp Schedule

I am requesting the field for the 8am - 10am window.  Always prefer morning practices in the summer however we have to share the field with all the other sports that are indoor or don't usually use the field.  If this time window changes I'll inform you immediately.

  • July 13-16 8am - 10am

  • July 20-23 8am - 10am

  • July 27-30 8am - 10am

  • Aug 3-6 8am - 10am


Game Schedule

  • 8/21 Scrimmage vs Amador Valley - HOME

  • 8/27 Alhambra - HOME

  • 9/3 Dublin - HOME

  • 9/10 Vintage - HOME

  • 9/17 Liberty - AWAY

  • 9/24 Antioch - AWAY

  • 10/1 Livermore - AWAY

  • 10/8 - BYE

  • 10/15 Amador Valley - HOME

  • 10/22 Cal - HOME

  • 10/29 Clayton Valley - AWAY

  • 11/5 SRV - AWAY 

I will be emailing sign-up links to your players for our playbook site. Just Play, along with HUDL which is where we watch film.  I must say film is very important for us to learn and get better along with scouting our opponents.  We usually have a parent volunteer(s) film our games.  This is a very important role and please let me know if you have any interest or experience filming. 

Please feel free to reach out to me or Kim Marckwardt ( if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you again for letting your child be a part of this great program and looking forward to a fun and exciting season.

Go Mustangs!!! 

Coach Nystrom



Welcome to Monte Vista Freshman Football

My name is Kim Marckwardt and I am the freshman football team parent.  Although we are experiencing unprecedented times, our football fingers are crossed that Monte Vista will have a fall season.  There is no information at this time regarding the football season but I will forward along any information as soon as I receive it. 

In the meantime, if you know of someone interested in joining the freshman football team, please refer them to our website . They can sign up their son on our website and then they will be added to our team email list.  They can also register their son by clicking on the link below: 

Our head freshman football coach, Coach Nystrom, is excited to have the opportunity to coach your player.  Coach Nystrom has many years of experience with his last two years as Monte Vista's freshman football head coach.  He is expecting at least 8 assistant coaches on his staff which is an amazing coach-to-player ratio.  Until we can come together as a team, Coach Nystrom is encouraging the boys to take advantage of this time and work on their physical fitness (running, push-ups, sit-ups).   

Parents - One item of business parents can do once the 8th grade year is completed and grades have been posted, is to download and print their son's 8th grade transcript.  This transcript will be needed in order to participate in freshman football. 

For now, please stay healthy and feel free to forward any football questions or concerns to me at this email ( 

Go Stangs!

Kim Marckwardt



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