Game and Practice Schedules and Locations

Games will start around Spring Break and will finish before school lets out for summer.

The league cannot set game or practice schedules until registration is closed.  This is due to the fact that the number of teams for each league will vary year to year.  Younger players will be scheduled at earlier times and on Saturday mornings.
Typically, the leagues play in these locations (both games and practices):
Majors: Joseph Field (at Waya)
Minors: Bishop Field (Cesar Chavez)
MP-8 & MP-7: Either Rollingwood or Cesar Chavez Fields
CP & T-Ball: Either at Rollingwood or Austin Ridge

Placement Requests: How to Play with Friends or For a Coach

For players in T-Ball, CP, MP-7 we allow parents to request friends or coaches during registration.  Use the 'Placement Requests' field in the registration form for this.  We cannot guarantee placement, but we will use this information when forming teams.

Who are the league contacts and how can I get in touch with them?

Commissioners are responsible for scheduling, team formation and dispute resolution. Coaches report directly to commissioners. Volunteers interested in coaching or otherwise participating in a particular league should contact the League's Volunteer Coordinator.  Our Board Members are available to answer any of your other questions.


Only players league age 8 and above will tryout.  Teams for all other younger leagues are formed by commissioners.



Eligibility requirements for Little League Baseball are specified as to age and residency. For more information:

Residential boundaries

Time Commitment

League commissioners limit the maximum number of scheduled weekly "contacts" for practices and games.

T-Ball: Typically 1 game and 1 practice
CP, MP-7, MP-8: Typically 2 games and 1 practice 
Minors and Majors: Typically 2 games and up to 2 practices 

Important: Due to the time commitment necessary for ages 10 and up, it is strongly recommended that any player wishing to participate at these levels not be involved in any another sport that schedules its practices and/or games during the same time as the baseball season. Teams at these levels are formed with the assumption that all players will be reasonably free of scheduling conflicts, and to avoid adversely affecting the team, will be able to devote the necessary time to weekly practices and games.

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What is the league policy for refunding registration fees?

  • If a registrant requests a refund of registration fees in writing prior to registration closing (which typically is around February 1st for the spring and around September 1st for the fall) they will receive a refund of the registration fees less a 5% service fee.
  • If a registrant requests a refund of registration fees in writing after registration closes but prior to being placed on a team, they will receive a refund of the registration fees less a 20% service fee, except in the case of a documented injury that precludes play. Then they will receive a refund of the registration fees less a 5% service fee.
  • No request for refund will be honored after a participant has been placed on a team except in the case of a documented injury, and then the refund will decided on a case-by-case basis.

All refund requests will be processed after registration ends and checks will be issued at the end of March in the spring and at the end of September in the fall.


As a rule, Western Hills Baseball provides required headgear (batting helmets, catcher headgear), protective catcher equipment, baseballs, caps and shirts. Players provide the following:

Practice attire  

Most coaches prefer that players wear baseball pants during practice.


If you are not familiar with sizing a baseball glove, you should go to a local merchant for help. For younger players, try to find the largest glove the child can close and open. It helps if gloves are a little bit floppy for the younger players. Gloves that appear proportionate to the player are almost never large enough. Remember, the ball is regulation in size. This is hard to catch with a small glove.


For players under 12, bats MUST be approved for Little League play. Note that some Composite bats are not allowed in Little League.  Refer to the Little League Web Site for a full list of approved bats. Seek the help of a local merchant in sizing a bat. You should never buy a bat without sizing it for your player. Bats with a barrel larger than 2 1/4" may not be used. Bats manufactured specifically for T-ball play may not be used in A league (8's) or above. For Pony (13-14) and Colt/Palomino (15-18) the 2003 rule reads as follows: "Wooden, metal, graphite or ceramic bats manufactured specifically for baseball play which are round and not more than two and three quarters inches in diameter (7 cm) at the thickest part, nor more than 42 inches (106.7 cm) in length, are acceptable." The rules posted at shall be the rules governing bats.


Little League (age 12 and below) DOES NOT allow the use of steel cleats. Pony, Colt and Palomino (ages 13 and up) allow steel cleats.

Batting helmet

Western Hills does provide batting helmets for requisite safety. However, we strongly encourage players to provide their own helmet in order to help prevent the spread of head lice.  Batting helmets MUST be equipped with a face mask.

All-Star Policy & Post-Season Play

Please consult the following document for information regarding the Western Hills policy for All-Star & post-season teams player and coach selection: Post-Season Policy

Is Western Hills the same as WAYA (West Austin Youth Association)?

No, although these organizations work closely together. Western Hills uses some WAYA fields and facilities, and pays WAYA for maintenance and other services. Western Hills is an all-volunteer organization without paid staff.

Is Western Hills Little League the same as Western Hills Softball?

No, although these organizations work closely together. Click here for Western Hills Softball's web site.

If my child plays in Western Hills, will I be required to work at the concession stand, line and chalk the fields, rake the infield, or perform other field maintenance?

Western Hills has adopted the policy that parents volunteer some amount of time to the League or in lieu of time pay in a dollar amount. In addition, all players and fans must pick up after themselves! Please note that one of our largest field maintenance expenses is paying to have trash picked up off the field, in the dugouts, and around the grandstands. Western Hills urges you not only to pick up after yourself, but to take your plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc. home and recycle them.

What national or international baseball organizations is Western Hills affiliated with?

Kids 12 and under play in the Little League organization. Kids 13 and over play in the PONY(Protecting our Nation’s Youth) organization.

I have a disagreement with my child’s coach about playing time, the lineup, or another issue. How should I address this?

Your first step should be to address this issue with your child’s coach in a polite manner at an appropriate time. If the coach’s response is unsatisfactory, your next step should be to contact the league commissioner. If that step is not satisfactory, Western Hills has a grievance committee composed of board members who will hear the matter. Contact the league president to bring an issue before the grievance committee.

I observed inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behavior by a player, fan, parent, coach, league official, or other person associated with Western Hills. What should I do?

Western Hills has a "zero tolerance" policy for unsportsmanlike behavior that applies to everyone associated with the league. If you witness actions that you think violate this policy, please bring the matter immediately to the attention of a coach, league commissioner, or any of our board members.

Can I sponsor or donate to the league?

Absolutely! We depend upon sponsorships, donations and fund raising in order to keep our registration fees low. You will be presented with options during the on-line registration process to sponsor or donate to the league.  Visit our Sponsorship page for more details.

Can I get a scholarship for my child to play?

We understand that some families may need some help.  We are happy to discuss scholarships on a case by case basis.  Please contact Chad Smith or Casey Pankonien to discuss.