Pool History and Facts

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Background Information:

The Willows Swim Club is located in Kendall Park on Sand Hills Road, about 1500 feet off Rt. 27.  The club was constructed and incorporated 1960.  It is incorporated as a cooperative with the members as owners of the facility.  Memberships are limited to 285 bonded families. A nine-person Board of Trustees elected by the membership manages the Club.  

About the facilities:

The Willows’ facilities are on a 6-acre site.  About 2 acres are within the fence around the pools, and 3 acres are devoted to recreation and open area. The remaining acre is assigned to the parking lot.

There are 2 swimming pools surrounded by a concrete walkway.  The kiddy pool is 20 X 40 feet and varies in depth from 6-18 inches.  The kiddy pool features a mushroom fountain for the children.  The main pool is in a “Z” shape.  In the main pool, the wading/non-swimming area is 30 X 30 feet and is 3 feet deep.  There are concrete steps leading into the wading/non-swimming area.  The central portion of the pool is 83 X 42 ft (6 lanes wide and is 25 meters long) and varies in depth from 3 to 5 feet.   he diving tank area is 35 X 35 feet and has a maximum depth of 11 feet.  Two diving boards are available for diving.  

The main building, a screened in eating pavilion, a storage shed, and the filtering and chlorination building complete the pool facilities.  The main building was reconstructed in the winter of 2001.  It contains the office, dressing rooms; hot and cold water showers, rest rooms and food concession.  

The recreation facilities consist of two shuffleboard courts, a regulation basketball court, sand volleyball court, two tennis courts, 2 handball/paddleball courts and ping-pong.  There is also a sand area with wood playground equipment and another playground set for younger children next to the kiddy pool.  Additionally, various tabletop games and books are available from the office.    There is an extensive activity schedule throughout the summer featuring kids nights, contests, arts and crafts and story time.  

One hundred tables and umbrella sets and 500+ chairs and lounge chairs are available for member use in addition to the picnic and shaded area.  Free group swim lessons are available and the Club has a swim team, which competes with other local clubs.