Problem Solving

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Problem Solving

Communication Flow Chart

Step One: Player / Parent

Step Two: Team Manager

Step Three: Team Coach

Step Four: CAMHA Complaint Coordinator

Step Five: CAMHA President

Step Six: HNS Highland Regional Director

Step Seven: Chair Minor Council

Step Eight: HNS Executive Director

Accompanying procedure:

Observations / suggestion/ complaints must be communicated in accordance with the flow chart above.

Under no circumstances shall issues be advanced without first seeking resolution at the correct level.

If a resolution cannot be secured at the appropriate level the communication must be delivered as per the complaint intake form provided which will be automatically forwarded to CAMHA’ s Complaint Registry. Once the communication has been received you will be contacted by a representative of CAMHA.

Complaint Intake Form
Intervention Policy
Questions or Concerns relating to Game Incidents involving Minor Hockey On-ice Officials ________________________________________

Abusive Parents


Please be advised that at Hockey Nova Scotia’s Board of Directors meeting December 10 & 11, 2004, a motion on dealing with Abusive Parents was unanimously passed.

The Motion reads:

Any parent who fails to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the local Association, and exhibits behaviour that is deemed inappropriate, is subject to disciplinary action by the Officers of the local Association.

The officers of the Association are empowered to suspend the parents from all activities of the association, following a Disciplinary hearing of the local association.

Hockey Nova Scotia recommends that the local Association adopt the following disciplinary process:

Initially a letter of warning;
secondly, short term suspension;
thirdly, long term suspension, this is subject to approval of the President of Hockey Nova Scotia.

A parent, who fails to comply with the terms of reference for the suspension that is determined by the local Association, may be required to withdraw his/her membership within the local Association.

This action may include the cancellation of the membership of all registered players of the parent.

All Associations are encouraged to follow these steps and spread the word to all involved with their local Association that there is a policy and it will be enforced.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in making this policy known and enforcing it to ensure our rinks remain a safe and positive place for our young players, referees and coaches to grow and develop.