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March 19 2018

(revised date)





1.1 It is noted that where the term “Association” is used in these by-laws, we are referring to the Jupiter Senior Softball Association. The purpose is to inform participants of the Association’s organization, objectives, rules and administrative functions.  That where the term active member or player is used, we are referring to members who have paid the registration fee and signed the JSSA  registration/liability form and have signed  the Jupiter Parks and Recreation liability form.  All playing and umpiring personnel are part of the Association.


1.2 Association Organization: There shall be 3 Executive Directors consisting of the Commissioner, Vice-Commissioner, and Secretary. There shall be a Senior Division and a Super Senior Division. There shall be 3 Senior Division and 3 Super Senior Division committee members. Each committee shall be elected by their respective Division players. The entire group of nine officers, 3 Executive Directors, 3 Senior Division committee members and 3 Super Senior Division committee members, shall be called the Association Directors.

The 3 Executive Directors are entitled to 1 vote each. The 3 Senior Division committee members, collectively, are entitled to one vote and the 3 Super Senior Division committee members, collectively, are entitled to 1 vote. This is the Association’s voting authority and is referred to as the Board of Directors. 


1.3 Elections: Every two years, the entire membership shall hold an election for 3 Executive Directors. Each Division shall also hold an election for three respective committee members. The Executive Committee must have at least a director from the Senior Division and one from the Super Senior Division. These elections shall take place simultaneously in February. These elected officials will take office at the first board meeting held in April of that year. There are no term limits. Any member in good standing and who resides in Florida for a minimum of eight months a year is eligible to run for office.

From the three elected Executive Directors, the Association Directors will select a Commissioner, Vice-Commissioner, and Secretary. If a vote is necessary, the voting method in 1.5 will be use. 


1.4 QUORUM: A quorum in order to hold an Association Directors’ meeting will be at least four   members. Two of which are Executive Directors and at least one Senior Division committee member and one Super Senior Division committee member.


1.5 VOTING: In order to have a vote there must be at least two members of the Executive Directors and one member from each of the Senior and Super Senior Divisions. Majority vote shall carry.

  A) If any Association Director is absent from a scheduled Association Directors’ meeting, he should make himself available during the time of the meeting by phone or computer in case his input and vote are necessary. If his vote is necessary and he cannot be reached, the motion will be tabled.


1.6 UNIFORM RULES AND LEAGUE RULES :  There shall be a uniform set of rules that will govern both the Senior and Super Senior Divisions. These uniform rules can only be amended by the same process as 1.5 above. At the beginning of each league play season each league shall develop their own playing rules in addition to the uniform rules. These league rules will be reviewed by the Associations Directors and posted before becoming effective. The individual Divisions' playing rules cannot eliminate or alter in anyway the uniform rules. 



2.1 Executive Directors

      A. Commissioner    ….     shall oversee

          1. Presides at all Association Directors’ meetings

          2. Oversees all functions of the Association

          3. Calls meetings as required and sets meeting agendas

          4. Oversees administration of the Association’s by-laws, uniform rules, and Division playing rules

      B Vice-Commissioner

Assumes the duties of the Commissioner in his absence

Oversees all Association’s committees

Oversees the Association's umpire program 

      C. Secretary

          1. Maintains and publishes minutes of the Association Director’s meetings

          2. Maintains master and team lists

          3. Maintains records and publishes scores and team standings

          4. Responsible for communications to Association members


2.2 Treasurer

      The treasurer shall be appointed by the Board of Directors if that person is not a member of the Association Directors. If not a member, this is a non-voting position.

          1. Receives and deposits income

          2. Pays bills as approved by the Board of Directors

          3. Prepares and reports income and expense statements for the Association meetings


2.3 Committees

      Other Association Directors shall volunteer to chair committees such as: sponsor maintenance, equipment maintenance, advertising and publicity, charity work, and parties and outings. Any member  of the Association can volunteer to be on a committee but a member of the Association Directors must chair the committee unless an appointee is authorized by the Board of Directors. Committee reports will be agenda items, when necessary, at each Association Directors’ meeting.



 3.1 An amendment may be presented to the Association Directors by any active Association member. A motion to amend must be made by an Association Director and seconded by another Director. If a vote is necessary, the voting method in 1.5 will be used.



4.1 In the event of physical or mental disablement of an Association Director who is unable to perform his duties or a resignation of a Director, an Association member will be temporarily appointed by the Association Directors for a period determined by the Directors. If a replacement is necessary, an election will be held as determined by the Directors


4.2 Voting: If voting to replace an Executive Director, all active Association members may vote. If voting to replace a Senior or Super Senior Division Committee member, only those active members in that Division may vote. Every attempt will be made to obtain votes from those active members who are out of the area at the time of the election. Majority of those voting will carry.



5.1 Any member of the Association may register, in writing a recommendation to censure or impeach an Association Director. This written recommendation must include the name of the Director and what By-laws, Uniform Rules and/or Division Playing Rules have been violated and reason(s) for the censure or impeachment.. The recommendation must be signed by at least three Association members. The recommendation must be presented to any Association Director. If the Association Directors find merit in the accusation, the accused Director will have the opportunity to respond. If the vote by the Board of Directors is in favor of the censure or impeachment, the recommendation will be presented to the active membership for vote. Majority of those voting will carry.

     A. CENSURE:  Lose of vote and participation in JSS Association Directors’ meetings for a period of time as determined by the Association Directors.

     B. IMPEACHMENT: Loss of the elected position as an Association Director.



     6.1 The Association Directors take no position for or against petitions developed by active Association members. Any petition related to a Division issue must have a minimum of 25% of printed names and signatures of active Division players and delivered to a member of the Division Committee.  Any petition related to an Association By-law or Uniform Rule must have a minimum of 25% of printed names and signatures of the active Association members and must be delivered to an Association Director. If the petition is denied by either the Division Committee or Association Directors, the petition may go back to the active members of which the petition relates. If the petition has 50%+1 of printed names and signatures of active Division or Association members depending on the nature of the petition issue, the petition will be upheld.

          A. The language of any petition must be approved by the Association Directors before it can be distributed to active members.

          B. The petition must show by objective research that it will enhance play for a significant majority of the players.

          C. The petition must not prohibit any active or new player from participating in JSSA play or activities. 



     7.1 The Association Directors’ Meetings will be held on the second Monday of each month at the Old Town Hall unless otherwise authorized by the Commissioner.


     7.2 All committees will meet as necessary and reports are to be made at the Association Directors’ Meetings.



8.1     The JSSA will be divided by age divisions as determined by the median age of the the members of the previous season. For the 2018-2019 season the Senior Division will be 55-70 age division. The Super Senior Division will be 71 and over age division. All members of the Association will abide by the age restrictions. Members who played in the Super Senior Division (B League) during the 2013-2014 season will be "grandfathered" into that division. Likewise, those players who played in the Senior Division (A League) will be "grandfathered" into that Division. Players who qualify for the Super Senior Division may opt to be drafted into the Senior Division. Players who qualify and are drafted into the Senior Division may not opt into the Super Senior Division. If there are circumstances such as health, injury, declining ability etc., each case will be handled on an individual basis. New players that are age eligible for the Senior Division and are not drafted will be assigned to the Super Senior Division or substitute list.

(Note: The above by-law will be retroactive to April 1,2013 following the winter season simply because the new players as of that date were not assigned to any division.)



A.  A substitute list will be utilized by both the Senior and Super Senior Divisions. Any team wishing to use substitutes must draw from the substitute list. If substitutes are not available from the list, players may be borrowed from another team, but said substitute may not be of a higher ranking than the player replaced.





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