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September 10, 2017


St. John’s Field

 SkyHawks traveled to St. John’s to take on the BlackSox Bombers in the first of a double header matchup.

 SkyHawks came out strong scoring 3 runs in the first inning. Second baseman Kennedy Mcdaniel started with an error moving to second. Third baseman Justin Anderson RBI double scoring Kennedy from second. Shortstop Matt Plaza and first baseman Bubba Brown both walked loading the bases. Pitcher Chris Hartford RBI on a fielder’s choice. Left fielder Dave Hartford RBI on an error.

 Bottom of one Chris Hartford got his first start of the season shutting down the Bombers 1-2-3.

 Top of 2 Right fielder Andy Repp Doubled, Dan Repp walked putting SkyHawks at first and second. Catcher Troy McDaniel grounded out to the pitcher moving runners to second and third. Center fielder Derek Anderson RBI double scoring Andy from third.

 Bottom of two Harford again sat the Bombers down 1-2-3.

 Top of three with two outs Bubba Brown drew a walk, Chris Hartford singled, Dave Hartford RBI double, Austin McDaniel Hit By Pitch Andy Repp stayed hot with a two RBI single putting three runs on the board. SkyHawks 7 Bombers 0.

 Bottom of three Bombers caught a break scoring 4. 7-4 SkyHawks end of three.

 Top of four again with two outs, Derek Anderson singled, Ken McDaniel walked, Justin Anderson Hit By Pitch to load the bases. A few passed balls brought in Anderson and McDaniel.

Bottom of four, Hartford still on the mound, Bombers scored one. 9-5 SkyHawks end of four.

Top of five, SkyHawks no go with one hit by Austin McDaniel.

Bottom of five Bombers drew two walks but no runs crossed the plate. Still 9-5 SkyHawks

Top of six, Dan Repp started with a Hit By Pitch, Troy McDaniel drew a walk, Ken McDaniel Hit By Pitcch loading the bases with two out. Justin Anderson two RBI single scoring Repp from third and Troy McDaniel from second.

Bottom of 6 with Chris Hartford pitching his best game as a SkyHawks, Shut down the Bombers for the third inning 1-2-3. 11-5 SkyHawks

Top of seven SkyHawks took advantage of the Bombers. Bubba Brown Hit By Pitch, Austin McDaniel RBI double. Andy Repp drew a walk, McDaniel scored from third on a passed ball.

Bottom of seven Hartford completed the game allowing the Bombers to score one run. 13-6 SkyHawks end of game.

“Hartford pitched a beautiful game and our defense backed him up!”  Manager Troy McDaniel said. “Our offense was tough today knocking the ball all over the field.”  McDaniel Concluded.



July 16, 2017

Genoa Field.

SkyHawks were in tip top shape for their home opener last Sunday against the BlackSox Bombers.

Austin McDaniel got the call to start on the mound for the SkyHawks and held the Bombers to 4 batters, 1 K, no hits and no runs far a near flawless first inning.

Bottom of one SkyHawks came out strong scoring 2 runs with 2 hits by center fielder Dave Hartford, third baseman Justin Anderson and left filder derek Anderson and shortstop Matt Plaza both reached on error. Putting the SkyHawks ahead 2-0 end of 1.

Top of two got interesting as the Bombers put the first two batters on base. Third batter fouled out to Hartford at first leaving runners at first and second with one out. Forth Bombers batter blooped one into center field moving runners to second and third, but the Bombers runner at second passed the bag, center Fielder Dave Hartford gunned the ball to second baseman Kennedy McDaniel who laid on the tag…But wait….SkyHawks catcher Troy McDaniel started heading for the dug out with a Bombers runner at third The runner and third takes off for home , Kennedy McDaniel, who looks to throw home but no one is there, he then guns the ball to to his brother pitcher Austin McDaniel. Austin darts toward the plate and flat out dives for the runner catching him on him thigh for out number three. “It was a trick play” catcher Troy McDaniel stated jokingly.. ..”I swear we had three outs when Kennedy laid on the tag!!” 

SkyHawks second baseman Kennedy McDaniel lead off the bottom of the secondwith a hit by pitch but shortstop Matt Plaza grounded into a double play and EH Jordan Wamer went down on strikes to end the second. Score still 2-0

Top of three no go for the Bombers as pitcher Austin McDaniel sat down two in a row on strikes.

Bottom of three SkyHawks bats stayed hot as three runs crossed the plate. Two RBI double by first baseman Chris Hartford with a wallop to left field. Score now 5-0 end of three.

Top of four Bombers scored their first run and McDaniel sent his forth batter to the dugout on strikes.

Bottom of four SkyHawks went down 1-2-3 holding the score 5-1 SkyHawks.

Top of 5 Bombers scored 2 and McDaniel ended his time on the mound with two more K’s totaling 6 for the day.

Bottom of 5 SkyHawks put up two hits by Derek Anderson and Austin McDaniel but was held scoreless to end the inning 5-3.

Top of 6 Jordon Wamer took the mound for the SkyHawks and the Bombers pulled ahead in the game 5-6 with three runs.

Bottom of 6 Kennedy McDaniel took another Hit By Pitch but the buck stopped there as the SkyHawks were shut down.

Top of 7 SkyHawks hit by pitch and two errors allowed the Bombers put two more on the board. 5-8 Bombers.

Bottom of 7 SkyHawks were not done yet as Derek Anderson kept his hitting streak alive with a single up the middle. First baseman Chris Hartford hit for his second 2 RBI double and Austin McDaniel stole home to tie the game at 8.

Top of 8 Bombers put two on base but Wamer and the SkyHawks defense held them scoreless.

Bottom of 8 Kennedy McDaniel reached again on his third Hit By Pitch but a no go for crossing the plate held the score tied.

Top of nine Bombers scored 1 to pull ahead.

Bottom of 9 was the heart of the SkyHawks lineup. Outfielder Derek Anderson, who was having a fantastic day at the plate, doubled to left field. Dave Harford singled to right putting runners at the corners. Harford then took second. Third baseman Justin Anderson at the plate with a full count hit a line drive up the middle scoring his brother and Hartford and the SkyHawks took the game 10-9.


“This was a fun, nail biting win today!!” Manager Troy McDaniel stated. “Everything, patching, batting and fielding just came together.” SkyHawks hope to be on a roll, second place in the Red division and 6th overall. SkyHawks travel to Bedford next week to take on the league leading Hitmen in a double header.


June 25, 2017


SkyHawks traveled to Perrysburg to take on the new to league team Perrysburg Baseball Sunday only to be stung in the first inning.


Visiting SkyHawks went down 1-2-3 on strikes in the top of the first to feel the sting by Perrysburg’s pitching. Rookie Jordan Wamer started on the mound for the first time as a SkyHawks and walked three and struck out two. One single and a huge error scored three of Perrysburg’s base runners putting more of a sting to the SkyHawks 3-0 end of 1.


Top of two first baseman James “Bubba” Brown went down on strikes but the SkyHawks had a bit of hope to close the gap as left fielder And Repp was hit by pitch and shortstop Austin McDaniel walked to put runners on first and second.  But a no go for either base runners as the next two SkyHawks went down on strikes. Perrysburg put a beat on Wamer and the SkyHawks defense as a rocket to right field with bases loaded and one out scored  four on an in the park homerun. SkyHawks then shut down the next two batters as first baseman Bubba Brown flipped to the pitcher Wamer for a wonderfully executed 3-1 and shortstop Austin McDaniel fielded a hard grounder throwing the runner out at first. Perrysburg now up 7-0 bottom of two.


SkyHawks came up to the plate top of three determined to be their inning! Second baseman Derek Anderson singled to right for the SkyHawks first hit of the game. Catcher Troy McDaniel was hit by pitch pitting runners at first and second. Next two batters went down on strikes but not before Anderson and McDaniel pulled a double steal advancing one base. As Bubba Brown was at the plate, Anderson stole home from third scoring the SkyHawks first run and McDaniel moved to third. Brown walked putting runners at the corners with two out but the joy ended there are left fielder Andy Repp went down on strikes. But the SkyHawks avoided a shut out 7-1 middle of 3. Wamer and the SkyHawks held Perrysburg hitless and scoreless in the bottom of three.


Top of 4 shortstop Austin McDaniel walked and then stole second. Right fielder Justin Anderson grounded out to second moving McDaniel to third. McDaniel crossed the plate as extra hitter Dan Repp RBI ground out to short. Second baseman Derek Anderson reached on error but catcher Troy McDaniel ended the top of 4 on a strike out. 7-2 Perrysburg.  Bottom of 4 Perrysburg scored 3 on an error and three hits 10-2 close of 4.


Top of 5 SkyHawks down 1-2-3 all on strikes while P-Burg racked up two more in bottom of 5. 12-3.


Top of 6 first baseman bubba Brown singled up the middle, left fielder Andy Repp walked, and shortstop Austin McDaniel walked loading the bases. Perrysburg past ball scored Brown from third but strike outs ended the top of 6, 12-3.


SkyHawks didn’t cross the plate the rest of the afternoon as Perrysburg crosses three more times ending the game 15-3 Perrysburg.


“We seen some good pitching from (Perrysburg) today and their bats weren’t half bad either.” Manager Troy McDaniel said. “{SkyHawks} didn’t play that bad of ball today, be we’ve got room for improvement.” McDaniel concluded.


SkyHawks home opener July 9th at Genoa.



June 18, 2017

SkyHawks traveled to St. John’s this past Sunday to take on the Expos for their 2017 season opener. SkyHawks went down 1-2-3 in the top of the first as the Expos defense came out strong. Skyhawks pitcher #4 Austin McDaniel started on the mound and the SkyHawks defense had a shaky start as 3 Expos crossed the plate due to 2 errors and 1 base on balls. 3-0 Expos end of 1.

 Extra hitter James “Bubba” Brown led off the top of two by reaching on an error.  But Bubba was left stranded as the SkyHawks next three went down on two “K”’s and a fly out to right field. Bottom of two Expos scored as an error and a double brought 1 across the plate.  4-0 Expos end of 2.

SkyHawks put the ball in play top of three but was unsuccessful to place a runner on base. Expos answered the SkyHawks “NO GO” with 2 more in bottom of three climbing the run ladder ever higher 6-0 end of 3.

Top of 4 first two SkyHawks went down swinging. Center fielder Dave Hartford broke the Expos “NO HITTER” by singling to right for the SkyHawks first official hit of the season but no farther as first baseman Chris Hartford flied out to right.  Expos were shut down completely in the bottom of 4 with a fly out and a double play stopping the bleeding a bit but Expos still up 6-0.

Top of 5 SkyHawks once again put the ball in play but failed to place a runner on base. McDaniel and the SkyHawks defense held the Expos to 1 run in the bottom of 5 with a strike out and two put outs. Expos now up 7-0.

Top of 6 SkyHawks went down 1-2-3 with strike outs. Rookie Sean Killian took the mound in the bottom of 6 and held the Expos scoreless with two “K”’s and a put out.

Top of 7 SkyHawks went down 1-2-3. Expos held scoreless again with Killian putting up two strike outs.

Top of 8 SkyHawks down 1-2-3. Killian and the SkyHawks defense held the Expos  again keeping the score 7-0.

Top of 9 was last chance for romance for the SkyHawks. Pitcher Sean Killian led off with a single to center. Bubba Brown flied out to left holing Killian to first. Catcher Matt Plaza went down on strikes.Shortstop Austin McDaniel singled to left putting SkyHawks runners at first and second with two out. Right fielder Andy Repp singled to center and moved Mcdaniel to third, Repp to second on the fielder’s choice throw to the plate scoring Killian from second.  But the buck stopped there as #16, Troy McDaniel went down on strikes ending the game 7-1 Expos.

“Few mental errors in the field today” SkyHawks manager Troy McDaniel stated. “As in the past (the SkyHawks) need to get the lumber on the ball. OThe umpires strike zone was not in our favor either.” McDaniel concluded.


SkyHawks travel to Perrysburg to take on the new team in the league next Sunday.

SkyHawks team meeting is on Sunday March 5th 2017 at 4:00 pm. The meeting will be held at the Ralphies on Airport HWY across from the Spring Meadows Shopping Center.