St. John's Amateur Baseball Association - Constitution



This league shall be know as the St. John’s Amateur Baseball Association (SJABA).



A) The Association is the governing body for its own Senior and Intermediate leagues in St. John’s.

B) The Association may affiliate with the appropriate Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Sports Organization (PSO) if it so chooses.



A) To foster and promote Baseball activities in the St. John’s area.

B) To protect the mutual interest of its member teams, players and officials.

C) To maintain a standard set of playing rules for all games.

D) To conduct championships and play-offs for the Association.

E) To enter teams in Provincial competitions if it is the wish of the Association.

F) To foster the development of umpires.

G) To avail of opportunities for participation/hosting Provincial, Atlantic and National baseball events.



A) Membership in this Association by teams or players is purely voluntary, and application for acceptance of membership entails acceptance of the governing authorities of this Association. All membership must be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting each year and new applications accepted by majority vote of the Executive.

B) Any violation of the constitution, by-laws or regulations of this Association or decision of the Executive by any team or player of this Association, shall render such member liable to suspension until the next Annual or Special Meeting of the Association.

C) Purpose of Intermediate Division is to provide an opportunity for players to stay involved in the game and to provide a feeder program for the Senior Division.



A) No player will be permitted to play in the St. John’s Amateur Baseball Association until he/she has completed the appropriate registration form and submitted to the Secretary / Treasurer.



A) The St. John’s Amateur Baseball Association annual dues are $3,500.00 per team plus applicable BNL fees for Senior and $3,5000.00 per team plus applicable BNL fees for Intermediate Divisions. At least 50% of the dues shall be paid before team plays its first game of the season and the remaining balance paid before any team plays a game after July 15th.



A) The officers of this Association shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Director - Umpiring and one Director at Large representative per organization. This board will be known as the "Executive". All officers shall be elected by ballot and appointed annually, to act for one year terms with the exception of the President and Vice-President which will be two year terms expiring on alternating years.

B) Nominations for the various officers of the Association shall be made from the floor at the AGM.

C) The President, Vice-President or Secretary Treasurer or any member of the Association duly appointed by the Executive shall represent the Association officially at any function or any body whose representation from the association is desired or requested.

D) The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and at Executive meetings. He/She shall cast a vote in case of a tie.

E) The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, have all the powers, and perform all the duties of the President.

F) "A Director At Large " will be appointed to be primarily responsible for the administration and management for each division according to the constitution, by laws and regulations of the St. John’s Amateur Baseball Association.

G) The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the Association.

H) The Director - Umpiring shall be responsible for all matters in the administration and management of umpires.

I) The Secretary-Treasurer shall also keep accurate record of all monies received and disbursed by him/her and report annually to the Association, or at the request of the President, within one week.

J) The President and Secretary-Treasurer shall be the signing officers of the Association as it pertains to disbursements of the Association.

K) Should a vacancy occur in the office of the (Secretary-Treasurer) A (Secretary-Treasurer) shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and will take over the accounts and records until the next Annual Meeting.

L) Should a vacancy occur in the office of the President, Vice-President, or division coordinators said vacancy shall be filled by the Executive Committee.

M) The President or in his absence the designated representative shall have the power to suspend any player in the league for conduct unbecoming on or off the playing surface, or for abusive language to any official, after a report has been submitted by anyone connected with the Association. Such suspension to be dealt with by the officers of the League within a timely manner.

N) To enter into an agreement with any Umpire’s Association as it sees fit.



The Standing Committee shall be known as the Executive Committee.

1. Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee shall consist of the executive officers (President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer) of the Association. The President shall be the Chairman of the Committee. The Executive Committee shall have power: 

A) To formulate, prescribe, alter and amend these By-Laws and Rules for the government of the Association consistent with the scope and provisions of the constitution.

B) To adjudicate all disputes between teams and players which may arise.

C) By a two-thirds vote to remove from office any member of the Executive Committee who by being remiss or neglectful of a duty or by conduct tending to impair his usefulness as a member of the Executive shall be deemed to have forfeited.

D) To appoint sub-committees from its membership or otherwise employ individuals for the handling of special or specified business.

E) To supervise the collection of the fees and funds of the Association and the expenditure of the monies.

F) To set the date and place for each annual and any necessary semi-annual meetings of the Association.




A) All meetings of this Association shall be called by President or the Vice-President or the Secretary-Treasurer on orders of the President.

B) A meeting of the Association shall be held annually by April 15th at such place and time as may be designated by the Executive.

C) Special Meetings of the Association shall be held upon request in writing from three or more teams in good standing. The notice of such meetings shall contain the date and place of the meeting and object thereof and shall give three days notice to all members.

D) At all Executive meetings of this Association a quorum shall consist of six or more members of the Executive Committee.

E) At the annual meetings of the Association the following shall be the order of the business:

1. Roll call of members in good standing.

2. Reading of minutes.

3. Business arising out of minutes.

4. Secretary-Treasurer’s report.

5. Presidents report.

6. Report of Committees.

8. Elections.

9. Resolutions, orders, general or new business.

10. Adjournment.

 F) At all meetings of the Association the following shall be the order of business: (Special)

1. Roll call of members in good standing.

2. Reading of minutes.

3. Business arising out of minutes.

4. Resolutions, orders, general or new business.

5. Adjournment.

G) At annual or special meetings each officer and team shall be entitled to one vote. The President shall be entitled to vote in the event of a tie to cast the deciding vote.

H) At all meetings of this Association or of its committees, voting shall be a show of hands, unless the meeting decides upon a secret ballot.



A) Amendments or alterations can be made to the Constitution only at the Annual Meeting of this Association and then only by a two-thirds majority of the members voting.

B) This Association at any annual, special, general or executive meeting may adopt, amend, revise or repeal By-Laws or Regulations for the governance of this Association.

C) The Executive Officers of the St. John’s Amateur Baseball Association agree that in matters arising that are not covered by the St. John’s Amateur Baseball Constitution that Baseball Newfoundland and Labrador and or Baseball Canada Constitutional rules may apply.


Approved: May 8, 2018