Intermediate League By-Laws

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Intermediate League By-Laws


1) The Intermediate Division shall be made up of a maximum of 8 teams:

1. Shamrocks (SHM)
2. Gonzaga (GON)
3. Holy Cross (HC) 
4. Feildians (FEI)
5. Knights (KNI)
6. Storm  (STM)

Each team should have a Senior affiliate.

Each team will be entitled to two (2) team delegates at all Association meetings and will be permitted one (1) vote on matters pertaining to the Intermediate Division.

Any new teams must submit their intention to play in the Intermediate Division prior to the Annual General Meeting. The new team must present a roster and formal letter of request to play. The new team must be voted upon by the executive of the St. John’s Amateur Baseball Association. The new team shall not be formed due to the detriment of a roster to a previous team in the association.

2) The Executive Committee shall determine where all regular and playoff season games will be played. The Executive Committee may approve a game to be played at an alternative venue upon written request.

3) All games will be played under the Official Rules of Baseball as recorded in the Official Rule Book Of Baseball Canada.

4) When an intermediate player signs or is drafted to play with a team he/she may be granted a release by team Management or The Executive Committee up to July 15th of each year to play with another team that season.

5) No player will be permitted to play unless his/her registration has been approved by the Executive Committee of the Association. It should be noted that this means a player will require a release or trade before joining another team.