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West Orange Tiny Mites Coming Through Banner at Citrus Bowl 10.28.12

Tiny Mite Cheerleaders at Citrus Bowl 10.28.12

West Orange Tiny Mites at the Citrus Bowl 10.28.12


Crazy fans having fun during South Central game, 9.8.12

Tiny-Mite cheerleaders after the Kick-off Classic game at Ridge Youth, 8/18/12

Challenger Cheerleaders at Competition, 10.22.11

Challenger Cheerleaders Backstage, 10.22.11

Dalton Conner Interview, 10.1.11

Johnny Johnson Interview, 10.1.11

Tyrell Nourse Interview, 10.1.11

Blake Cyr Interview at Oviedo, 9.24.11

Justin Mulligan Interview at Oviedo, 9.24.11

Jah'Mari Chiverton Interview at Oviedo, 9.24.11

Ryan Cresnshaw Interview at Oviedo, 9.24.11

Tony Sabella Interview at Oviedo, 9.24.11
Jr. Midgets Win OT Thriller at South Central, 9.10.11

Jr. Pee Wees Go To Work Against Ridge Youth, 8.20.11

Interwiews With Players Following Umatilla Game, 8.27.11

Tiny Mite Cheerleaders Getting Ready To Check-in, 10.2.10

Post Game Interviews at St. Cloud, 2007

Midget Cheerleaders After Sanford Game 9.4.10

Challenger Homecoming, 10.9.10

Tiny Mite Pregame Before Sanford Game, 8.4.10

Three Spotters In The Pressbox, 10.2.10

TM & MM Cheerleaders Interviewed After Game, 10.2.10

Eddie McDoom Post Game at St. Cloud, 2007

Midget Players Getting Ready To Weigh-in vs. South Central, 10.9.10

Tiny Mite Players Weighing In Before Oviedo Game, 10.2.10

Jr. Midgets Before South Central Game, 10.9.10

Post Game Interview With Some Tiny Mites at Sanford, 9.4.10

Midget Players Before Ridge Youth Game, 8.20.11

Jordan Bing Interview, 9.4.10

Mitey-Mite Bowl, October 2007

Mitey-Mite Cheerleaders in Action at Sanford, 9.4.10

Jr. Pee Wees Interviewed After South Central Game, 10.9.10