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Concession Schedule

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Concession Schedule 2018


There should always be at least 3 workers, 4 is preferable in the concession from open to close. Workers should be at the concession stand no later than 5:30 for games starting at 6:00 and 6:00 for games starting at 6:30.Someone from the board will be there to open and collect money at the end of the night. Any questions or concerns, please contact Wendy Cooper at 513-377-1158.


 4/7-4/14                         Concession Manager/Board/Anyone available

 4/15-4/21                      Zeller 6U / Humphrey T-ball

 4/22-4/28                      Bohl 10U / Dockery D-Sr

 4/29-5/5                         Thompson 8U / Jeffers C-Jr

 5/6-5/12                         Dockery 14U / Johnson B-Jr

 5/13-5/19                      Johnson 12U / Clark A-Jr

 5/20-5/26                      Kilgore A-Jr / Christopher D-Ins

 5/27-6/2                         Morgan 9U / Wilhoff T-ball

 6/3-6/9                           Hoobler 8U / Moore C-Sr

 6/10-6/16                      Kiskaden 11U / Dunn D-Ins

 6/17-6/27                      Bohl & Theaderman 5U/Stephens D-Sr/Vilvens D-Jr