East Region Protests

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About Protest Process


East Region Protests


1.       Were the correct procedures for filing a protest were followed?

a.        Were the umpire(s) notified?

b.       Was the scorebook signed by the umpires?

c.        Protesting team has stated which general rule was violated.

d.    Was the protest made prior to the next pitch/play?

e.       Were protest filing deadline met?

                                                                           i.      48 hours from game time delivered to East Region Director

1.       Protest form available on Handouts page of this website or click here for link

2.       $25.00 (Cash Only)


2.       Protest Committee

a.        Three person committee appointed via East Region Director

b.       Members not associated with game involved

                                                                           i.      Not from same Franchises

                                                                          ii.      Not having a team playing in same class

c.        Committee’s ruling is final. It can’t be appealed.


3.       Determine what happened

a.        Get the protesting team’s view from the protest report (form). If something needs clarified, call the person filing report to interview

b.       Get the umpire’s view

c.        Get opposing manager’s view

d.       The Protest Committee can, and will, interview any interested parties they deem necessary. In most cases, these protests are not a “clear cut” interpretation of the rules. In fact, they almost never are. The Committee will, based upon their investigation and experience, come up with a “most likely scenario” of events. That is, the best guess as to what really happened.


4.       Notes…

a.        Even if there was a rule violation, many rules in baseball do not have a specific penalty.

b.       If game is “out of hand” (protesting team is losing by a large margin)…Protest may be awarded but game will not be replayed.

c.        Protests of ineligible players and breaking Standard Rules or By-Laws can be made at any time.  East Region Director may take action on these cases with or without a formal protest.