East Region Tournament

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2019 East Region Tournament


2019 East Region Tournament will begin June 22nd (D Jr - B Sr)

June 29th for A Class

Please frequent this page for additional information.

Participating Team

Additional Rules & Information


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Updated 07/20 8:34 pm

***All game times, dates & fields listed on brackets are subject to change***

***Teams should be available to play on every day during tournament duration***


Host Franchises and Tournament Champions listed below...

(Directions to each venue can be found by clicking on Host's name)


D Instructional - WT

Saturday 06/01 & Sunday 06/02

 Click here for game schedule


D Jr - Amelia


 Gold Champions - Tealtown Cougars

Gold Runner Ups - Lynchburg Colts


Silver Champions - Fayetteville Hornets

Silver Runner Up - Goshen Red Arrows


D Sr - Mt. Orab


Gold Champions - Fayetteville Bombers

Gold Runner Ups - Amelia Inferno


Silver Champions - New Richmond Flame Throwers

Silver Runner Up - Bethel Bombers


C Jr - Goshen


Gold Champions - WT Terrors

Gold Runner Up - New Richmond Lions


Silver Champions - Batavia Bulldogs

Silver Runner Ups - Bethel Redlegs


C Sr - Bethel


Gold Champions - Tealtown Raptors

Gold Runner Ups - Mt. Orab Patriots


Silver Champions - Bethel Dynamite

Silver Runner Ups - Tealtown Squatches


B Jr - Goshen


Gold Champions - Milford Vikings

Gold Runner Ups - Lynchburg Sluggers


Silver Champions - Milford Blackhawks

Silver Runner Ups - WT Timberwolves


B Sr - Milford


 Champions - Felicity Redsox

Runner Ups - Bethel Bombers



A Sr - Milford


Champions - Goshen Rebels

Runner Ups - Mt. Orab Mambas