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Parents\ Volunteers

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Volunteer Requirements

Each parent(s) is required to give 5 hours (combined) of time throughout the season, mostly tracked through sign up genie when the season starts. A $50 dollar deposit will be required and refunded after the season when obligation is fulfilled.

Five hours is TOTAL per family and can be shared in any way you wish. ie Dad or Mom can do the entire five  If you are unable to volunteer your time, there is $50 volunteer buyout. A $50 deposit check will be required at the beginning of our 2015 season at equipment distribution.

There is also a $200 fundraising commitment per household (Fundraisers vary year to year).  

There is a $75 fundraiser 'buy out' if you don't wish to sell. A deposit check of $75 will be required before equipment is issued.

We welcome everyone in our community ! 

Thanks !

Saints BOD