Game Cancellation

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Game Cancellation Procedures

Gym Coordinators (See Contact page for phone #s and email address):

Franklin Gym: Jen Sofield
Mansfield School Gym: Chris Ghio
Oxford School Gym: Michael Brady;Ron DeMayo
Memorial School Gym (Wash Boro): James Sawyer; Sean Farrington
Brass Castle School Gym (Wash Twsp): Kevin Conaboy; Jessica McGourty
Middle School Gym: James Sawyer; Jessica McGourty
High School Gyms: James Sawyer; Jessica McGourty

Game cancellations must be made seven days in advance. Any cancellations without required notice other than due to weather conditions may result in a cancellation fee equal to the total referee fees for that game. If the cancellation is due to one team then that team will incur the full fee. If both teams are canceling the game then the fee will be split between the two teams. Cancellation fees will be payable to the League by the town from which the canceling team(s) reside. The League will be responsible to pay any referee fees incurred from the cancellation.

If cancelling prior to the day of the game:

The home team coach is responsible for contacting their town director to discuss the reason for the cancellation. If it is decided to cancel the game then the coach will inform the opposing team’s coach. The home team coach will follow up with their director to reschedule the game. The director will notify the gym coordinator for the Middle/High Schools if necessary.

Canceling the day of the game:

The coach of the team needing to cancel is responsible for immediately contacting the opposing team coach, all referees assigned to the game, and the coordinator of the gym where the game is scheduled. The gym coordinator will attempt to minimize any disruption to other games due to the cancellation.