WellSpan Sports Off-Season Workouts

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3 Phases for the off-season/season
Each phase is used for 1/3 of the time and progresses from the previous one
Progressions based on increasing intensity, reps, sets, distance and difficulty
Each session should be approx. 30 mins.


1. High Knees
2. Butt Kicks
3. Straight Leg Raises
4. Lateral Shuffles
Each direction
5. Front Crossovers (not karaokes – leg doesn’t go behind)
Each direction
6. Lunge with a twist (twist upper body towards front leg)

B. Reactive
1. Alternating Leg Hops
Front to Back, side to side and turning
i. 6 reps
ii. 3 second pause
iii.hopping forward is Heel to Toe
iv. Hopping backwards is Toe to Heel
v. 2 sets each direction

C. Speed

1. Seated Arm Pumps
Keep arms bent 90 degrees
20 seconds
hands go lips to hips
controlled speed (60% intensity)
3 sets
2. Fence Leans
leaning against fence
1 knee in triple flexion, 1 knee triple extension
alternate knees for 20 seconds
60% intensity
3 sets
3. Fall Sprints
Cones 10m apart
Start 2 feet together
Fall forward and run 10m
Alternate the legs that comes forward first
60% intensity
walk back is recovery
5 reps each leg
4. Flying 40’s
4 cones – start, 10m, 30m and 40m
kids jog 10m, spring 20m and decelerate 10m

D. Agility

1. Lateral Shuffles to touch
cones 10m apart
shuffle to the side and touch the cone with opposite hand (right foot beside cone – touch with left hand)
2. Lateral Shuffle to Front Lunge
cone 10m apart
shuffle to the side, pause on one leg and do a front lunge, back up to same leg, shuffle other direction
3. Box Drill
use the cones to make a box 12X12m
lateral shuffle, front sprint, lateral shuffle, back peddle
2 times around each direction is 1 set
3 sets total

E. Quickness
1, Speed Ladder
In In Out Out forward
22 feet in - side

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