Announcing our Division Structure for Spring 2015

**OPEN to 11th & 12th Graders

The MGSL Board of Directors is continuously looking for ways to improve the softball experience for all our players.  Last season we reorganized our division structure in support of our new focus, and based on that success we will continue this into 2015.


  • Minors - Kindergarten, 1st Graders & new 2nd Graders 
  • Juniors - 2nd through 4th Graders 
  • Seniors - 4th, 5th & 6th Graders 
  • Majors - 7th thru 12th Graders 

*Due to our Junior/Senior/Major Divisions having inter-town games, the day & time schedule cannot yet be posted.  For Minors, those times will be determined by our program leaders' schedules.

To summarize the changes from 2014:

- All Kindergartners and 1st Graders, combined with our less experienced 2nd Graders will form our Minor Division (there is no more split between "Instructional" and "Minors").  Using a clinic-style format, all players will get great instruction from professional coaches Johnny Rooney & Carl Stoltenberg.  Coach Rooney has been offering many programs geared towards developing the youth of Montgomery/Rocky Hill for years and is a very established softball coach at several levels.  Coach Stoltenberg has many years fo experience working with the youngest age groups of Montgomery softball in both Rec and Travel programs.

- More experienced 2nd graders should move up to join the Junior Division with the 3rd & 4th graders.  We believe introducing them to a division where games are played will increase their enjoyment of the season and develop their skills more rapidly.  Additionally, the added element of some Saturday inter-town games with Princeton and Hillsborough should also excite them for the season!  Games will take place in Montgomery, Hillsborough and Princeton.

- Senior division with Saturday inter-town games with Hillsborough and Princeton!  We will be having our Seniors, as the Juniors, play a couple games through the season against our neighboring programs.  Games will take place in both Montgomery and in the other towns. 

- Major division piloting inter-town games with Flemington/Delaware Valley!  We will be having our oldest players engage in some inter-town contests with the three-team division in the Flemington/Del Val rec league.  Games will take place in both Montgomery and at Flemington's Lenape Park and really enhances the season for these girls with the added (friendly) competition!

- LEAGUE OPEN TO 11th & 12th GRADERS - The current inter-town agreements in place are with townships structured as 7th - 12th.  Therefore we are opening up our registration to these grades as we try to bring our program in line for a continued partnership with Flemington.


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