Board of Directors and Meeting Minutes

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MABL of southern Wisconsin - Winter Meeting
Inn Towner Hotel
Friday, November 30, 2018
Sean Michael Dargan (President)     45+ Crawfords 
Dan Hendrickson (Treasurer)            55+ VP
Tom Kersten (Secretary)                   18+ & 35+ Monarchs
Kevin Mack                                       35+ VP (outgoing)
Eric Selje                                           35+ Homebrewers
Mike Schoonveld                              35+ A's, 45+ Sand Crabs
Andy DeRocher                                 18+ A's
Todd Hardin                                      35+ Mules
Terry Halena                                      45+ Brewers, 55+ Bulldogs
Jesse Vazquez                                    18+ Orioles
Adam Bowen                                     17+ Blue Sox
Ed Jalinske                                          35+ Braves
Kevin Munz                                         35+ Braves
Neil Carney                                         35+ Braves
Jeremy Deuchars                                35+ Mammoths
Johnny Annis                                      17+ Buschmen
Eric Schmitt                                         17+ Buschmen
Mike Huie                                            17+ Black & Tans
John Barton                                         18+ Banditos (18+ VP)
Matt Fettes                                           18+ Blue Jays
David Bayer                                          35+ Mariners, 45+ Grays
Paul Hendrickson                                 18+ Banditos
1) Welcome - Sean Dargan welcomed everyone back as he resumes his Presidency with his return move from California.
2) Introductions - Officers and Managers gave short remarks ( setting a new League record), as to which teams everyone was present to represent.
3) Reports - Each League Officer and Divisional VP then gave a summary of the 2018 Season and raised some possible items for consideration prior to the start of the 2019 Season.
a) President - SMD reminded everyone of the "Open Forum" concept and briefly explained the goal behind it. He also asked for possible volunteer candidates to fill Officer positions for the coming year. Sean gave an overview of the Division & League structure as it has developed within the last 10 years roughly, including the addition of 17+ weeknight division 2 years ago. MABL of Southern Wisconsin now has approximately 450 players in the 5 age Divisions of 17+ weeknights, 18+ Sundays, 35+ Fridays, 45+ Sundays and 55+ Wednesdays. Each division has a VP who handles the specific issues as needed for the age-related division.
b) Treasurer - Dan Hendrickson reported that the League was under budget for 2018, discussing specific Fields and their related costs, as well as donations listed per the Treasurer's report which he handed out copies to everyone. Dan reported that Team fees are likely to be the same as last year, as insurance cost is the same. There was a short discussion regarding what insurance covers, "liability insurance" covers the League and that certificate is needed in order to rent the fields. Terry Halena reminded everyone that the rate is very good and SMD gave a quick overview as this relates to the National MABL organization, which helps to get that good rate. Discussion also included, the current cash balance, what that represents and how working capital is decided on a year to year basis. Dave Bayer suggested a possible "budget committee" to look deeper into these topics. Discussion of fields and rental costs followed, with Mike Huie giving some insight on 17+ Division choices for Tuesday/Thursday use of Bowman/Ahuska. SMD then gave some background on Ahuska price raises.
Dan Hendrickson discussed and thanked the managers for getting money and fees in on time, as he judged ~90% completion rate by teams. There was a discussion on the "down payment" by teams in order to hold there spot. Possible options were discussed and SMD asked that this issue be discussed further at the next meeting. Dan reported that MABL uses 10 fields and discussed the best field fit for games on a division by division basis. SMD reminded everyone to get "contact" information for fields to be followed up on later by the Field Acquisition sub-committee. It was commented that 17+ and 18+ do not prefer playing on Little League Fields and a short discussion was had as to a possible field survey specific to each division might address this issue.
c) Secretary - Managers were reminded about the importance of having all their players fill out the Electronic Player Waiver form prior to playing in their first game. Of the 33 teams last year, only 3 struggled with this requirement... roughly a 90% compliance rate. Similarly, recording game results and entering player stats are a requirement for each team, as this is the League's only way to handle player eligibility issues. Eric Selje discussed possible League Line-Up options for "syncing" functions with the Rosters in order to make this process easier on managers and players. SMD will follow-up with Steve Sigler at the National level for suggestions on what has worked well for other Leagues.
d) Divisional VPs -
** 17+ Weeknights ** - Mike Huie, VP
Mike gave a season overview and commented on the upside of the condensed schedule as it related to good "parity" between the teams, leading to tough games. He also talked about the opportunity for good exposure for our League to introduce young players to baseball in the Madison area. The Playoff Format now was discussed vs. as MSCR had previously run things. Mike also discussed the loss of Legion ball and our League's ability to provide that to younger players and teams being brought into divisions. Mike also raised "player fee" issues and payment options in the future, specifically geared toward dealing with younger players and even their parents. Playoff player eligibility issue was asked to be table until February meeting.
** 18+ Sundays ** - John Barton, VP
John gave an overview of the season, citing strong competition and gave some preview of which teams may be returning and which may be leaving. He reminded managers that the player pool is active and should be used, always remembering to update "time entered". John gave details on the Open pool, now that the draft is done. Likely 8 teams for next year, with no play on holidays. The need for advertising for umpires was discussed, as well as possible options for an All-Star game or HR derby for charity.
** 35+ Fridays ** - Kevin Mack, VP (outgoing), Mike Schoonveld, VP (incoming)
Kevin announced the handoff of the divisional VP position to Mike, who gave an overview of the playoff format change for the coming year, highlighting the possible need for ties that may occur to remain as such. Mike described the upside of the format changes and possible number of games to be played. It was also included that Little League fields are good for Friday League.
** 45+ Sundays ** - Bob Schwalb, VP (outgoing)
SMD announced that Bob Schwalb has left the League and retired. He gave an overview of Bob's departing report, commenting on the increase of talent in the division. Same set-up likely with 5 teams, but moving back to 9 inning games. A question was asked about age division adjustments, with possible options discussed.
** 55+ Wednesdays ** - Dan Hendrickson, VP (outgoing)
Dan gave a season overview, recommending reducing the age of the division to 52+ in order to create a 4th team from available existing players of age currently in the League. This would remove "byes" from the schedule and make available a playoff for the 10 game season on Mondays and Wednesdays with 2 Umpires and 7 innings.
** IT/Web ** - Eric Selje
Eric asked for player improvement ideas and roster refinement possibilities, with discussion of a possible "point person" who could make contact with new players. This idea will be refined and revisited at February meeting.
** Umpire Coordinator ** - Andy Tonies
SMD spoke on Andy's behave, raising the feedback survey question once again. Discussion involved the pros and cons, what has been done in the past and the differences possible for each division. Umpire pay was discussed, as other area league appear to be raising prices. Options and payment methods were further discussed and issue will be revisited at February meeting.
4) Elections - SMD led discussion of each position, seeking possible candidates from the floor, followed by votes, for the 2019 Season with results as follows.
President - Sean Michael Dargan
Treasurer - Dan Hendrickson
Secretary - Tom Kersten
17+ VP - Mike Huie & Adam Bowen
18+ VP - John Barton
35+ VP - Mike Schoonveld
45+ VP - Kevin Mack
52+ VP - Dave Bayer
IT/Web - Eric Selje & Matt Fettes
Ump Coordinator - Andy Tonies
Next Meeting: To Be Announced (sometime first week of February)