Coaching Education

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Our hope is that we can build a page here where Pony League and Junior High Coaches can come and get information and complete the training needed to be a coach in the Proctor Football program.

The first couple of links are for information only right now, but are GREAT sources of information.

First - USA Football is a great resource.  Their webpage is:

Second - USA football has a training program for tackling called 'Heads Up Tackling' - all the varsity coaches have gone through this training.  Here is the link about this training:

Third - USA Football's page on concussion awareness:

Fourth - The MSHSL has a link for coaches that includes training opportunities and info that is sport specific.  Click here to go to their site:

Fifth - The MN Football Coaches Association (MFCA) has a great deal of info about football in Minnesota.  The MFCA also conducts a clinic every spring.  On the last day of the clinic there is a specific clinic for youth football coaches.  Coach Parendo spoke at this clinic last year.  For more information about the MFCA clinic go to this link:

Sixth - the National HS Coaches Association is also a great resource.  There web page can be found here:

The NFCA also conducts a clinic for coaches.  This clinic takes care of the MN requirement that is needed to be a head coach.  The clinic is over one day and includes a session about coaching philosophy and how to run a program.  The clinic also includes a session on basic first aid.  There web page is:

Seventh - Another wonderful resource is Coach for America.  This is an organization that talks about how to coach, how to be a coach of impact.  Much of the MN State HS leagues program "Why we Play" is based on the work of Joe Ehrmann.  The varsity coaches have all read his book and many of us have attended his workshop.  The website for this organization is:


Ongoing training is also a priority for the coaches at the 9-12 levels.  All coaches grades 9-12 also join the Minnesota Coaching Association.  Several of the coaches at the 9-12 level also have other coaching certifications which enhance and supplement the football specific certifications all hold.