WESCO-ETL Feeder Bowl

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The ETL-Wesco vs. Feeder Bowl matches the two premier high school feeder leagues in the region, namely the Eastside Travel League (ETL) and the WESCO Youth Basketball League, in a Ryder Cup tournament format.  Rather than crowning a single team champion at each grade level, the two leagues compete against one another for the highest point total to determine the winner of the annual Feeder Bowl.

During the 2nd weekend in March, both leagues send their top four teams at the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels to a venue that alternates between leagues each year.  For the inaugural event in 2009, WESCO hosted the tournament at Stanwood High School.   Each participating team competes against four teams of the same grade level from the opposing league.  This means each team plays a doubleheader on Saturday and a doubleheader on Sunday.  With a total of 64 games, and each victory worth one point, a point total of 33 or more wins the annual Feeder Bowl.

For WESCO teams to qualify, the WESCO League Tournament champion at each grade level receives an automatic bid.  The remaining qualifiers are determined by the final win-loss record (or final seeding) determined at the completion of the WESCO regular season.  (Not to be confused with the final placings in the WESCO Championship Tournament.)  As an example, if the 6th seeded 7th grade team takes first place in the WESCO Championship Tournament, they receive an automatic bid.  The 1st, 2nd and 3rd seeded 7th grade WESCO teams receive the final three bids.  If one of the eligible teams is unable to participate, their position is passed down to the next seed.  In the above example, if the 2nd seeded team was unable to participate, the 4th seeded team is offered the next spot.

ETL has their own system for determining their top four participating teams from each grade level.


2009 Feeder Bowl @ Stanwood High School: ETL 37 - WESCO 27

2010 Feeder Bowl @ Mount Si High School: ETL 37 - WESCO 27

2011 Feeder Bowl @ Jackson High School: WESCO 34 - ETL 30

2012 Feeder Bowl @ Mount Si High School: ETL 42 - WESCO 22

2013 Feeder Bowl @ Shorecrest/Mariner: WESCO 33 - ETL 31

2014 Feeder Bowl @ Lake Washington High School:  ETL 45 - WESCO 19

2015 Feeder Bowl @ WESCO Mariner/Everett/Cascade:  WESCO 39 - ETL 25  RESULTS

2016 Feeder Bowl @ Juanita High School:  ETL 47 - WESCO 17  RESULTS

2017 Feeder Bowl @ WESCO Mountlake Terrace: ETL 44 - WESCO 20  RESULTS

2018 Feeder Bowl @ Skyline & Liberty HS: ETL 48 - WESCO 16  RESULTS