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Information for 2019




Registration for the 2019 baseball season will begin on February 18, 2019.   

Registration will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, for as long as space remains. 

In order to register, you must create an account if you did not already do so last year.  Please review your contact information carefully to ensure the information is up-to-date and entered correctly.  

IMPORTANT:  After you enter and submit the player registration information through the website, you will receive an email from "" listing the players submitted.  If you do not receive this email, it indicates there was an issue somewhere along the line.  Please contact me at if you require assistance.  There have been reports of difficulty with the registration system when attempting to register from a phone or other mobile device. 

After submitting your child/children's information, the registration status is deemed pending until payment is received.  

 Payment Information:

You have 10 days for your payment to be received once you have entered your player(s) into the system.  You may pay by e-transfer, credit card, money order, or cheque.

E-transfer payments should be sent to .  If you wish to pay by credit card, please send an  email to requesting a credit card invoice to be sent to you through our credit card processor.  Please do not send your credit card information by email as it is not secure.  A $10 per player fee will be charged for credit card payments.

If paying by cheque, you may post-date your cheque to May 1, but your cheque must be received within 10 days of completing the on-line registration. 


Address to Mail-in Payment:      BMB Registrar, 46 Castlestone Drive, Bedford, NS  B4B 0J4

You will receive a confirmation email when your payment is received.  


New Members: If this is the first time that your child is joining Bedford Minor Baseball, you must provide proof of age for your child.  If you are sending payment by mail, you may include a photocopy of the birth certificate, NS Health Card, or passport for the child you are registering.  You can also scan or photograph this document and email it to


Tri-County Rangers Rep Team Tryouts:  If your child is trying out for one of the Tri-County rep teams, the registration deadline is April 9th.  You may post-date your registration payment to May 1st  if paying by cheque, but the $60 indoor tryout fee must be paid on or before April 9th.  Indoor tryouts begin April 16th.  The indoor tryout schedule is available at .


 In order to get a refund you must contact the Registrar at no later than June 15th.  There is a $25 non-refundable amount included in the registration fee.  No refunds after June 15th.


Divisions for 2019

7U - Rally Cap:  for players born in 2012, 2013, or 2014.  Fee is $125.

9U - Rookie:  for players born in 2010 or 2011.  Fee is $200.

11U- Mosquito: for players born in 2008 or 2009.  Fee is $225.

13U - PeeWee: for players born in 2006 or 2007.  Fee is $225.

15U - Bantam:  for players born in 2004 or 2005.  Fee is $225.

18U - Midget:  for players born in 2001, 2002, or 2003.  Fee is $250.

21U - Junior:  for players born in 1998, 1999, or 2000.  We are not accepting registration for this division, only looking for an expression of interest.  If there are enough players, we will establish a team.  We expect the fee would be $300.  Please send an email to if you are interested.

Bedford Minor Baseball announces program changes for children born between 2010 - 2014

February 11, 2019

Please note that beginning the 2019 season that Bedford Minor Baseball has made changes to the 6U, 8U and 11U divisions.

After the feedback from the 6U and 8U surveys the past few years we have decided to follow the model that some other local associations have been using.

We have established a 7U division (for kids born 2012, 2013, 2014) which will be led by Mark Clare.  This division will be similar to the Rally Cap program of the past few seasons, however, kids will be broken up by their ages and both fields will be used.  HRM has done significant work to the larger field at Meadowbrook and it has been realigned.  This age group will remain on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting in early June and running until the end of August.  Start time will be 6:30 p.m.

We are establishing a 9U division where players born in 2010 and 2011 will participate in a league with Sackville Minor Baseball.  Please note that there is no set playing nights so participants can play any night of the week including weekends.

By creating the 9U division this will have our 11U division now be for players born in 2008 and 2009 which aligns with a lot of other associations.  We are open to having anyone who is born in 2010 and has a sibling in the 11U division to play up for convenience for the family.  There will be no consideration for anyone who is born in 2011 to play up.

The 9U division will play similar rules as the current 11U division which means the players will be pitching.  In June the schedule will entail one practice and one game per week.  In July and August there will be 2 games per week and practice time will be scheduled by the coaches but will be mainly weekends as the field is being used on a regular basis.

By creating a 9U age group this will better align with Long Term Athlete Development.  We have heard from many families from the 8U group and also the coaches and families from the 11U group that often many of the kids who are 9 or turning 9 are losing confidence and are afraid when playing against 11 year olds. 

Looking for Umpires

Bedford Minor Baseball is always looking for players 13 years of age and older to get involved in umpiring. This is a great way for a young person to make some money during the summer. The payment structure for the various divisions is listed below:

Mosquito House League & Rep - Plate $30; Bases $25
Pee-Wee House League & Rep - Plate $30; Bases $20
Bantam House League & Rep - Plate $40; Bases - $35

You must attend an umpire clinic in order to work as an umpire. The cost is $60. Once you have attended the clinic, the association will reimburse you $30 towards the clinic fee if you are a first-time umpire.  For more information: 


Volunteers are needed to help in areas such as coaching and executive positions. No sport can be successful without volunteers and Bedford Minor Baseball is no different. We encourage you to sign up on the registration form in the space provided, or contact one of the members of the executive. The association presently is run by a small group of volunteers, who also volunteer with various teams as coaches or managers. 

If you are interested in coaching and would like some formal instruction, Bedford Minor Baseball will support you by paying for your start up course, which consists of an on-line course and a four hour technical course.

When and Where do they teams play?


Rally Cap - The 7U Rally Cap division plays at Meadowbrook field (behind Basinview School), twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 PM. 

 9U - Rookie division will participate in a league with Sackville Minor Baseball.  In June the schedule will entail one practice and one game per week.  In July and August there will be 2 games per week and practice time will be scheduled by the coaches but will be mainly weekends. Please note that there is no set playing nights so participants can play any night of the week including weekends.  


Recreational teams (House league) – 11U - Mosquito age and older play in a league with teams from Sackville and Fall River, and perhaps from Hammonds Plains and St. Margaret’s Bay as well.  The recreational leagues start in late May/early June and run until early September (usually Labour Day).  Teams usually play 2 games per week, one at home and one away.  Away games are played at the home field of the opposing team. Another Note on Recreational Teams:  When the number of players registered in an age division has been too low to field a team, we have combined our Bedford players with some players from another local association (Sackville, Hammonds Plains or Fall River) to form a team. 


11U Mosquito - The Bedford 11U teams use Joan Lenihan Memorial Field (Range Park) as their home field, and occasionally use Meadowbrook Field for practices and to make up rained out games.  Home games take place on Sunday afternoons.


13U PeeWee and 15U Bantam – These teams play at Joan Lenihan and Robert Lenihan Memorial Fields (Range Park).  The 13U Pee-Wee play home games on Thursday evenings. 


18U Midget Recreational - At this level, the teams play in an 18U Midget A League.  Depending on the number of teams in our area, they may play in a local Midget A League.  For example, in 2013 our Bedford recreational 18U Midget team played in a Midget A League comprised of teams from Bedford, Sackville, Fall River and Hammonds Plains.  In other years when the number of local teams was low, they played in the Blue Nose Midget A League through Baseball Nova Scotia, which required more travel.  Please note that you do not have to attend try-outs to play on these teams. 


Tri-County Rangers Rep Teams - At the rep level, Bedford is combined with Fall River and Sackville to form the Tri-County Baseball Association.  Depending on the age group, home games are played in the Bedford, Sackville, or Fall River/Waverley areas, and away games may be anywhere in Nova Scotia.


What do I get for my registration fee?

Players in the 7U - Rally Cap division get a hat and t-shirt to keep, as well as Baseball Canada hats through our Rally Cap Program. 

At the recreational level, players receive a hat to keep. The team uniform, consisting of a jersey and pants, must be returned at the end of the season.

In all age groups, equipment such as bats and baseballs are provided by the Association, along with all umpire and field associated costs. Bedford Minor Baseball also insures all players with Baseball Nova Scotia, at a cost of $20 per participant.  

Suggestions and Feedback

Bedford Minor Baseball is always looking for ways to improve our association. Your suggestions and comments are welcome. Please contact us at

Field Closures

To find out if baseball is canceled due to field conditions, please click here for HRM Field Conditions.

Exceptions: Les Mayo (Payzant's) and Windsor Junction (WJCC) are privately owned and operated.  Please check the condition of these field  on the Sackville Minor Baseball website.

Weir Field is operated by Springfield Lake Recreation. Check the website for conditions at Weir.

Batting Helmets

Bedford Minor Baseball encourages all participants to purchase their own helmets for this coming season, however, we will still be supplying them for the 2009 season inside the team equipment bags. Beginning in 2010 all players will be required to have their own helmets. This decision has been made based on many studies about personal hygiene with sharing equipment such as helmets. Helmets can be purchased at stores such as Cleve's or SportsWheels for between $20 and $30.

Contact Information

Please be sure to keep us informed of your up-to-date email address, as information regarding registration and baseball camps, as well as tax receipts, are sent by email.

Looking for Volunteers!!!!

Executive Coordinators and Coaches 

The BMB Executive is made up of a small number of volunteers who dedicate their time to the continuation of Baseball in Bedford. We are always looking for persons interested in helping in any way, whether you know Baseball or not. Many of the duties of the Executive are organizational and we are always in need of a helping hand. If you can volunteer time or a skill, please call a member and talk it over with us. We generally meet every second month unless it is a busy time such as season start-up which requires a somewhat larger time commitment through April and May.

Each year BMB undertakes a search for volunteers to act as Coordinators and Coaches at both the Rep and Rec/House League level. Coaching volunteers must have their Coaching Level I Certificate (Triple AAA teams, Level II technical)to be on the field but teams need other volunteers as well to organize players, schedules and finances. Coaches make up the largest number of volunteers. They meet pre-season to make up teams and schedules. They do the phoning, collect gear and sign out uniforms. Above all, their job is to teach skills, rules, sportsmanship, fair play, responsibility and baseball to their young players and ensure they have fun while learning. 
Please submit a resume and letters of character reference now, or give us a call to talk it over. 

Team Volunteers

It is hoped that parents will become involved in the sport of their child's choice by bringing them to the games, promoting positive sportsmanship at all times and by offering to volunteer in at least some capacity, however small. We often needs grounds crews for tournaments, canteen people, and those who help with special events. Many small efforts can easily add up to a large success over the season. Please do not wait to be asked. 


Umpires are always in demand. Teens who are over 14 and adults are invited to attend local clinics and then apply to be placed on the roster. Watch for local clinics.