Troop 56 Photo Library

To upload your Troop 56 related photos:

You will need your own Shutterfly account. If you don't have one, go to, click on "Sign up" and create one. It will only take a few minutes and you can use it for your own personal photo site as well as for the Troop site.

Once you have a login account...

  • Access the site as above
  • Log in using your account
  • Click Add Album.

Photo Albums

  • To add pictures to an existing album, check "an existing album" and select the album.
  • To create a new album, check "a new album" and give it a name.
  • For new album, pick a descriptive name/year (e.g. Cabin Camping 2012)
  • Follow instructions on website to upload your photos.

Some guidelines

  • Do not identify persons in photos (by name, nickname or initials)
  • Do not add captions to any photo
  • Do not delete, modify or edit any photo
  • Do not upload any photos that are inappropriate for family viewing or any photos that don't reflect positively on Troop 56. 
  • Try not to clutter your albums with duplicate pictures.