Troop 56 Photo Library

The easiest way to use this site is to download the Shutterfly App (if you have an iPhone) which allows you to upload photos on the spot directly from your phone instead of having to find time later on to upload from your computer.
You can also sync your iOS calendar for viewing troop events, create slideshows, order photos, create photobooks or photo gifts or send photos to the newspaper.

These are all great ways to promote scouts by highlighting our community service and raising of responsible citizens.

A few notes:
Accessing the site: login to your Shutterfly account (or create one) at . Click on "Sharesites" in upper right hand corner. Choose "LHT Boy Scouts Troop 56". Explore the site.

How to access the photos and add photos

  • You will be added as a member by me using email addresses from the google list serve I was given and should receive an email with details. There are duplicate emails on the list. If you prefer a certain address or need to update it, let me know. Check your spam folder and make the site allowable. If you don't see the site when you login to your account, I haven't added you yet.
  • The old login and password which were available to the public via the troop 56 website are no longer valid.
  • I am starting by adding current Troop 56 parents and scouts with email addresses. If you want to opt out or do not wish your scout to have his own access, please let me know. Secondly, I will add adult "legacy" members so they can access the archive and current photos.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about security, permission or notification settings, please email me and I can give you the details. Rest assured, that we are starting out with very conservative settings allowing only one way notifications/messaging from owners (Scoutmaster/committee chair/me to members (you). Email notifications will be limited. Feel free to edit your settings additionally as you see fit.

Some guidelines

  • Do not identify persons in photos (by name, nickname or initials)
  • Do not add captions to any photo
  • Do not delete, modify or edit any photo
  • Do not upload any photos that are inappropriate for family viewing or any photos that don't reflect positively on Troop 56. 
  • Try not to clutter your albums with duplicate pictures.