We have decided to have split sessions (morning, evening) for this years summer merit badge event

The event will run from Monday August 3rd and running until Friday August 7th, all sessions will start at the Elks.

 Here is what we have scheduled so far (changes are highlighted)


7:45am : Opening Flag Ceremony  


Morning Sessions (8:00am-10:00am)  

8:00am : Automotive – Mr. Caparoso

9:00am : Electricity – Mr. Dempsey



10:00am : Scouts return home


Evening Session (7:00pm-9:00pm)

7:00pm : First Aid (Eagle required)– Mrs. Gaydos


            8:00pm : Sustainability (Eagle required) – Mr. Lavender


Additional Activities

Tuesday (sever weather rain date Wednesday) after the morning sessions we will do a service project of trail maintenance, construction and cleanup.

Thursday after the morning sessions we will do a 5-7 mile hike (location to be dependent on adult availability and rides)

Troop 56 Visits Washington D.C

In front of the United States Capitol building

In front of the White House

In front of the Washington Monument