When is registration?
Our registration period usually begins in mid to late March for returning players and mid-April for new players. If you wish to be notified when our 2018 registration begins please register your e-mail address from the link on our main menu so that we can e-mail you when the time comes.

What is the fee for registration?
The cost to register a football player or cheerleader is $225 for 2018 the season.

What documentation do I need to register my child?
1) original birth certificate (for review only).
2) copy of the same birth certificate. (for us to keep)
3) Pop Warner Participant Contract.
4) West Orange Code of Conduct Form.
5) copy of your most recent utility bill to verify residency (can be electric bill, water, telephone, renter’s agreement or mortgage statement).
6) copy or your insurance card

In the weeks prior to the first practice there will be a parent’s meeting to introduce you to your coaches and board members. At one of those meetings or the first day of practice you will also be required to submit:
1) copy of your child’s final report card for the 2017-2018 school year and
2) completed Pop Warner Physical Fitness and Medical Form signed by a medical professional. The medical form can be dated anytime in 2017 so if your child is getting a check-up or other physical for any other reason please remember to take the form found on this website for the doctor to complete.

Does West Orange Pop Warner coordinate the physicals?
No. Parents are responsible for getting their children’s physicals scheduled with the doctor of their choice, but there are doctors who perform discounted physicals on behalf of West Orange participants. 

If my child doesn’t like it can I get my money back?
Prior to June 1st you can get a full refund, less a $50 fee. Between June 1st and the 1st day of practice you can get a 50% refund and after 1st day of practice there are no refunds.

Is there a discount for signing up additional kids from my family?
Each additional child registered after the first will be $40 less.

When does the season start?
The 2018 season will begin with practices on August 1st and the first game will be approximately 3 weeks later.

Are there any additional fees I can expect during the year?
Each team manages their own financials during the season. You may be asked to contribute money to buy ‘team’ supplies such as Gatorade, ice, snacks, etc. These fees usually do not amount to more than $5-10 per week. Football players will need cleats and practice gear.  For cheerleaders there are accesories that will need to be purchased prior to the season starting and these usually run between $75 and $125.

How many games are there in a season?
There are 8 (sometimes 9) regular season games, a jamboree or pre-season game prior to opening week and playoff games if the teams qualify. Most games are held on Saturdays.

Where are the practices?
All practices are held at Veterans Park, Bay Street Field or Walker Field (across the street from Veterans) in Winter Garden.

Where are the home games?
Home games are primarily played at Walker Field in Winter Garden but one or two games may also be played at Raymond Screws Field at West Orange High School.

How do I know what division my child will play or cheer for?
Team assignments are determined by age first and weight second. Please refer to the ‘Weight Classes’ section of the West Orange Wildcat website to determine which team your child should be on. For football players there is a designation called ‘Older/Lighter’ where the player can play one age level down from normal if his weight is at least 20 pounds lower than normal.

What happens if my son is too heavy for his age group?
It is not uncommon each season for a few boys to play one weight class above what is normal for their age. Players may be moved up or down one level within the weight requirements at the commissioner's discretion.

How long and frequent are the practices?
The first week of practice is reserved for conditioning. No contact is permitted during the conditioning week and this time is used to exercise and begin evaluations on the kids. From the end of conditioning until Labor Day teams can practice in pads for 10 hours per week. After Labor Day teams are allowed to practice 6 hours per week. Cheerleading practices typically average the same hours per week as football.

Can I be a football coach?
All head coaches are selected and managed by the West Orange Football Commissioner. Assistant Coaches are selected by each team’s head coach and approved by the commissioner. The West Orange program strongly encourages coaches not to coach their own child’s team to avoid issues of player favoritism but this is not a rule. Since most teams practice at the same times this is typically not an issue. If you are interested in becoming an assistant coach please contact the football commissioner or a team’s head coach.

What is the minimum age for becoming a head coach?
The minimum age for football head coaches is 21 and 18 for cheerleading. Assistant coaches must be at least 18 years of age. All coaches must pass a Pop Warner certification class at least every three years.

How many players are there per team?
Pop Warner rules mandate that no team may have more than 35 and no less than 17 players on active roster. However, West Orange head coaches in most cases limit the amount of players on a team to 30 to ensure all boys get satisfactory playing time. Cheerleading teams may not have more than 34 per team.

What equipment does my son get and what do I have to purchase?
West Orange will provide each player with a certified helmet, shoulder pads, game pants, and jersey (home and away) which will be returned at the end of the season. Players are responsible for providing their own mouthpieces, chin straps, practice pants, practice pads (thigh and knee), socks and cleats. Under armor (rib protectors, athletic supporters and neck braces) is not required equipment but can be used if desired. Cheerleaders are provided a uniform ensemble that includes Shell, skirt, top.

Is the emphasis on winning?
Since Pop Warner is a scholastic organization first the emphasis is on academics. On the football field the emphasis is on hard work, discipline, team work and commitment with the understanding that winning is a by-product of those attributes.

What type of assistance can I provide if I’m not a coach?
Team Moms or Dads are highly encouraged to assist the head coaches in the management of supplies, communication and most importantly, paper work. Team Moms/Dads are essentially the ‘back office’ administrators of each team and are essential to successful seasons. If you are interested in becoming a Team Mom/Dad then please contact the head coach of the team your child plays/cheers for. Please note that these positions require a substantial time and energy commitment. Make sure that you can commit to being at most practices and all games if you are serious about volunteering for these duties. In addition, there are many tasks that you can assist with on game days. Volunteers are always needed to work in the concession stands, work in the press box, and the chain crews.

Are you affiliated with West Orange High School?
Sort of. As the primary feeder program to West Orange High School we try our best to align ourselves with the goals and direction of the high school. However, there is no financial affiliation between our two programs.

Does my child’s scholastic performance affect his ability to play?
Absolutely. Pop Warner is first and foremost an academic institution built on advancing young men and women through football. Pop Warner closely monitors the academic performance of all its participants and for those who fall too far behind they will be required to provide a bi-weekly progress report signed by their school administrators in order to play each week. For exceptional students there are scholarships available to those who qualify. West Orange Pop Warner has a board appointed ‘Scholastic Coordinator’ whose responsibility it is to monitor and report on the academic progress of all participants.

How far are the away games?
The Mid-Florida Pop Warner conference includes teams from Lake, Orange, Seminole and Osceola Counties. You can expect to travel to any city in these counties for away games. For teams that make the playoffs regional games can be as far as Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa.

Are the games properly officiated?
Yes. Referees from the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) oversee all games. These are the same officials who do the high school football games.

Are the rules different between weight classes?
For the most part the general rules of football apply to all age divisions. Mid-Florida Pop Warner adheres to the same rule book that governs State of Florida High School play. The youngest weight class (Tiny-Mites) is a purely instructional level and teams play in 25 minute halves with a running clock. Coaches are on the field at all times and can directly instruct players before, during and after plays. All players dressed to play are required to participate a minimum amount of plays depending on the roster size. Teams from the Mitey-Mite to Unlimited (oldest) levels play 10 minute quarters and also adhere to minimum play rules.

Does West Orange Pop Warner accept sponsors?
Most definitely. The West Orange Pop Warner program is always in need of generous benefactors who wish to donate funds and supplies. All donations are tax deductible as West Orange is a registered non-profit (501c) program.

Do you need coaches for cheerleading?
Cheerleading head coaches and assistants are desperately needed for all cheerleading levels. Please contact the Cheerleading Commissioner if you are interested.

If I don’t have a son that is playing in the program can I have a daughter that cheerleads?
Absolutely! We strongly encourage all young women and girls from the community to become cheerleaders in our program. Cheerleading is an integral part of successful football and is a great way for the girls to exercise, compete and socialize.

Is there a competition for cheerleaders?
Yes, towards the end of every season all cheerleaders from Mid-Florida Pop Warner compete in the annual cheerleading competition. West Orange has had many winning programs in the past.

Are the backgrounds of your coaches checked?
Yes. All head and assistant coaches must submit a Pop Warner Volunteer Application and each year West Orange pays for a professional background check for each individual.