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F.Y.F.A. Meetings & Minutes 



MEETING's WILL BE HELD IN THE SENIOR CENTER ~ adjacent to the WPRD office and around the corner from the YMCA entrance.  All members are welcome to attend. 

Minutes from Previous Meetings


April, 2020

       FYFA April 4th Meeting Minutes

July, 2019

       FYFA July 22nd Meeting Minutes

June, 2019

       FYFA June 3rd Meeting Minutes

May, 2019

       FYFA May 6 Meeting Minutes

April, 2019

       FYFA April 8th Meeting Minutes

March, 2019

       FYFA March 18th Meeting Minutes

July, 2018

         Minutes July 17 Board of Directors Meeting

June, 2018

        Minutes June 13th Board of Directors Meeting

May, 2018

        Minutes May 6 Board of Directors Meeting

September, 2017

Minutes September 18 Board of Directors Meeting 

August, 2017

Minutes August 27 Board of Directors Meeting 

July, 2017

Minutes July 27 Board of Directors Meeting 

Minutes July 9 Board of Directors Meeting 

June, 2017

Minutes June 12 Board of Directors Meeting 

Minutes June 5, 2017 Events/Banquet Committee Meeting

May, 2017

       Minutes May 21, 2017 Executive Board & Bylaws Meeting 

       Minutes May 15, 2017 Executive Board and Bylaws Meeting 

Minutes May 7, 2017 General Membership Meeting 

April, 2017

Minutes April 13, 2017 FYFA Bylaws Meeting 

PPT Presentation April 13, 2017